Addressing Today’s Independent Pharmacy Pain Points – Kunal Vyas Presents His Tech Solution

In today’s highly competitive pharmaceutical world, independent pharmacies are struggling to stay afloat.

Retail pharmacy chains are growing and consolidating, becoming an even greater threat to the independent pharmacy owner.

Meanwhile, the fast-paced development of cutting-edge technology has left many independent pharmacy owners struggling not only to remain competitive but also to make informed purchasing decisions when they decide the time is right to abandon their legacy systems in favour of something more up-to-date. It is in this complex industry landscape that Kunal Vyas has introduced his innovative tech solution – RxMile.

This prescription delivery platform has been designed specifically for independent pharmacies by an independent pharmacy owner who truly understands the pain points that exist in today’s current climate. As an all-in-one solution, it includes a convenient delivery portal alongside real-time tracking, compliance and audit support, route optimisation, medication synchronisation, POD, a refill consent tool, co-pay collection, and the ability to capture signatures contactlessly.

RxMile is set to revolutionise the way that independent pharmacies do business and will help them to thrive in the years to come, despite the encroaching competition posed by retail chains.

Resolving The Problem of Software Selection

There is no arguing with the fact that technology has the power to help independent pharmacies improve their accuracy and precision. Selecting the right software enables pharmacies to boost their quality assurance and minimise dispensing errors while synchronising patient medications in order to run their operations more smoothly.

Yet, while independent pharmacists recognise the benefits of adopting cutting-edge technology, they struggle to choose the best software to meet their needs. With so many options on the market today, it can be challenging to make wise technology decisions. This is where RxMile can prove to be invaluable. As a one-stop-shop for all independent pharmacists’ dispensing needs, it takes the hard work out of decision-making when it comes to finding the most appropriate and effective software to select.

Retaining Patients

Another key pain point that independent pharmacies are struggling to overcome is the issue of patient retention. Many patients are directed to retail pharmacy chains and are lost to those big names. RxMile’s software has been designed to help relieve this problem by identifying those patients who have been directed elsewhere and minimising attraction by providing real-time tracking notifications right to the patient’s own hand from point of care.

By supplying them with this live-tracking information, their dedication to the independent pharmacy can be improved, and their loyalty can be consolidated.

Maintaining Compliance

The issue of compliance has never been more prevalent, and for independent pharmacies it can be a minefield that is exceptionally challenging to navigate. RxMile’s software solution is designed to ensure compliance at all times for ease and convenience. With its niche-specific design, RxMile makes independent pharmacies audit-proof, with all compliance records held in the portal for 10 years for record-keeping purposes.

Understanding The Challenges Independent Pharmacies Face

Independent pharmacies today are facing more challenges than ever before when it comes to staying ahead of their large-scale business rivals, but as an independent pharmacist himself, Kunal Vyas understands all-too-well those problematic sector pain points.

His RxMile software has been developed specifically with the need to address those troublesome common issues firmly in mind, and the result is an all-in-one solution that has been tailored to meet its precise purpose. By adopting this software, even the smallest independent pharmacy can see impressive gains and can gain the edge over its retail pharmacy chain competitors by harnessing the power of a loyal customer following within their local area.