Adapting business trips and events to the new normal


COVID-19 has been one of the most significant epidemiological phenomena of the century.

The entire world came to a standstill for weeks in an attempt to contain the spread, but now it’s time to get gradually back to normal.

If you are planning to fly to any of Europe’s main cities, it’s particularly important to bear a few things in mind, which we will detail below.

If your job involves travelling and closing deals in important cities, you’ll know there are some guidelines which have changed in order to make things safer from a health point of view, and in some countries, like the UK, quarantine measures are still in place for tourists and visitors – however, once the stipulated number of days of isolation have passed, you can move freely around the city, as long as you take preventative measures. If you’re planning to take a companion to your meetings or business fairs, elegant escorts can accompany you to events in Manchester.

A business trip often features outings to restaurants, conferences and staying in hotels. The sectors involved in all these activities have implemented measures aimed at offering travellers safety and guaranteeing their health. Choosing a hotel could be one of the most challenging tasks in this return to the new normal, as some guidelines have changed and booking might be a headache due to the limited number of guests they are allowed to receive.

We may as well accept that once the situation is under control, people will be looking to travel en masse, so finding the right flight and fulfilling your itinerary the way you would have a few months ago will be a little difficult. It’s important to reorganise our travel habits successfully. Social distancing has made it very clear that, at least in the current situation, physical contact must be limited. Handshakes or cheek kissing with people you just met and don’t know where they’ve been may be out of the question for a while.

Videoconferencing has been an excellent solution for avoiding unnecessary travel in big cities, and many may keep up this new format. But those who don’t will have to adopt the hygiene and prevention rules that are gradually being introduced in shops, places of leisure and anywhere public.

Large crowds in small spaces are no longer safe, so if you are planning to go if someone to an event, you should make sure the person complies with the correct conditions so you don’t run into any problems.

Bookings will become a stricter process, so you should look carefully at all these factors. If you leave it till the last minute, you may find yourself unable to have dinner at your favourite restaurant, or stay at a particular hotel.

A business trip can be a great opportunity to spend some time with a professional escort. But you are advised to contact only verified people who offer guarantees, as physical contact is difficult to avoid in such a situation. These workers have their reputation and prestige to consider, so many of them under testing for COVID-19 regularly in order to look after their clients and themselves.