Accessories that will make your phone stand out

iPhone 11

Getting a new phone is a super fun experience. It’s a brand new gadget you will play with and use for the next several years.

People take their phones everywhere, it’s basically everything you need all in your hand. So because of this, why not dress up your phone so it isn’t just a boring rectangle you carry around, but an accessory in and of itself? In this blog post, we will list a few accessories to dress up your phone a bit. We will be writing this blog post with a smartphone in mind, so if your phone is not a smartphone, this post may not be for you.

Phone case

This is the first thing you even think about when looking to get some phone accessories, however, you don’t want any old phone case. You want to stand out! So consider getting yourself a personalised phone case instead. You can create your own designs for your phone case and you will know yours will be actually one of a kind. You can even create a beautiful collage with pictures of you, loved ones, or just images you generally love.

Pop Socket

A pop socket is an accessory that is shaped like an accordion and is attached to the rear of smartphones. These fashionable smartphone accessories come in a range of hues, designs, sizes, and styles. There are truly so many options of pop sockets to choose from, you can even match your pop socket to the design of your phone case. Not only are they very cute looking, for your mobile device, but a pop socket is also generally utilized as a support and a grip. The tiny device is actually very useful for texting, watching films, and even shooting selfies.

Phone Charms

Phone charms are also known as phone lanyards, phone chains, or phone straps. They are basically what you think, little chains you can attach to your phone case. This accessory is more decorative than useful. Though we can argue that it has a great use, you can loop your wrist in the loop of the phone charms as an extra precaution so you don’t drop your phone. There are phone charms that are more decorative, some that are more practical that aren’t as cute, but many are in between.

Clip on ring light

This phone accessory isn’t one that you can keep on your phone for the majority of the time like the options from above, however, it will surely allow you and your phone to stand out. Full-sized ring lights are perfect for taking pictures and videos in front of a camera, the lighting will be absolutely perfect each time. But unfortunately, it isn’t possible to bring a huge ring light everywhere. But, you don’t have to miss out on perfect lighting for selfies with a clip on ring light. These are smaller versions of the bigger thing that you can simply clip onto your phone. How awesome is that! You will be guaranteed great lighting for your selfies every time.