8 Simple Ways That Can Lighten up Your Mood

Stresses from work, relationships, family, and many other facets of your life can sometimes get the best of you and will leave you to feel frustrated and down.

But you can’t let that overpower and consume you. Instead, you have to pick yourself up and do what has to be done. Take control and bring the optimistic energy to flow through your veins. But how?

Here are some of your options to have that smile back right on your face.

How To Lighten Up Your Mood?

There are simple yet very effective ways to uplift your mood and get back to doing what you do best: smile and get to ass kick. Just do one of these things and you’re sure to be back on the tracks again.

1.   Take a Walk and Spend Time With Nature

Walking is not just a form of exercise, it’s a therapeutic activity that gives you the distraction you need to objectively reflect on things in your life. It increases your heart rate that will, later on, secrete endorphins all over your body for a more refreshing feeling, and the change in scenery can shift your perspective on things you have been frustrated about.

Further, surrounding yourself with the greenery of nature brings about lightness in your steps. It has been proven that the serene and peaceful backdrop of nature has so many positive effects on our mental state. And that fact comes from scientists and notable academics themselves.

2.   Entertain Yourself with Some Inspirational Quotes

The wisdom of some of the geniuses and philosophers that walked this earth makes some sense when you experience such loss, frustration, or stress. As evidenced on this page, you could get a dose of your inspirational quotes online, which you can copy and tweet or share on Facebook to share your inspiration with the world. Maybe you’ll find someone somewhere in the vast space of the world who needs that too.

3.   Read a Book

Reading transports you to an alternate reality which keeps your mind off of things and enhances your imagination. Plus, you might learn a thing or two about history, science, and other facets of life depending on the type of book that amuses you.

If you are a bookworm before, this is your chance to relish your old passion. Reading relaxes your body by lowering your heart rate and easing the tensions in your muscles. A 2009 study by the University of Sussex in London confirmed that reading decreases your stress levels by 68%. That means 32% should come from your willingness to rest and calm down.

4.   Take a Nap

Giving yourself a short break and taking a quick drowse will help in restarting your system, refresh your mind and regain that positive outlook in life. Sleep or a nap is a very potent stress-reducer. It calms your body, improves your concentration, sharpens your mind and decision-making skills, and regulates your mood. All these can be achieved with just a 15-minute break from the world. By the way, you should just take a maximum of 30 minutes for your nap time. This prevents you from getting into a deep sleep and feeling groggy when you wake up.

5.   Burn a Scented Candle and Listen to a Soothing Music

Scented candles that give off the smell of lavender, jasmine, vanilla, sea breeze, and many other therapeutic aroma candles can shift your mental state into a new paradigm and give you an objective look at your troubles and what you are experiencing at the moment.

Enjoy this aromatherapy session with your favorite soothing music that can put you into the right actionable mood and give you the inspiration to fight, carry on, and smile at your predicament. Upbeat, and fast music will put you into the groove making you forget about all the worries you have at the moment and just get on with life full of positivity and hope.

6.   Just Do Anything, Something

Doing anything that could take your mind off that thing that bothers you. Being busy will calm your emotions and shift your focus to more productive activities rather than brooding or freezing everything because of that frustration. You can draw, paint, exercise with your dumbbells, watch TV, or dance to your favorite music. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it keeps your mind off of your worries and lightens your heart a bit.

7.   Call a Friend

When you have worries and issues that you can’t resolve, a conversation with your closest friends can ease the burden and console your troubled emotions. Spend time talking about your problem. They might offer a thing or two for you to think of. What’s important is you got to tell someone what you feel and your predicament. It is always nice to share your woes, fears, and troubles.

8.   Breathe Deeply and Try to Smile

Breathe deeply. And if it doesn’t work the second time, do it again. Then smile even if you don’t really feel like it. Ever heard of the saying “Fake it till you make it.”? Well, that almost applies to everything including feeling blue and frustrated. It’s not about inventing an alternate reality but you have to train yourself to not drown in your misery. Smiling and keeping it together is a sign of courage and willingness to move on despite the circumstances. Plus, tricking yourself into smiling is one of the simplest ways where you can exhibit your determination to make it through. As Nat King Cole sang, “Smile though your heart is aching,” and promise you’ll make it through.

Who says you need money to make you happy? There are much simpler ways to uplift your spirit and get out of the gloomy zone. It all depends on how you deal with your predicament and how strong-willed you are to move and get back on your feet. When things don’t really go your way, just remember these 8 simple things that you can do to carry on and live life another day.