7 Ways to save money on streaming


The way we consume video content is constantly evolving, the first foundation was laid by none other than the streaming king, Netflix.

Since then, the number of online video on demand services has been increasing, especially in these times. Every other day there is a new service out in the market, offering different value propositions and shows.

With this evolution, there has also been a trend of binging on TV shows which have several season and may run for years. And the shows are produced on a high budget, casting A- list stars which makes them grab solid fan base. The Netflix library differs from region to region, with the biggest library in the U.S, however you can access U.S Netflix titles in the U.K as well.

However, the problem is that while shows to die for are being produced, not all are on the same platform. And you can’t possibly subscribe to all the streaming platforms available to watch all your desired content. So what to do in this scenario? That too while saving money?

Here Are 7 Tips to help you save money on streaming

Say Goodbye to Live TV

Honestly think about it, how much TV do you even watch? Most of the day, you’re out for work or school. After that you have a few hours left, and if you’re going to watch TV in that time it must be a very specific show that you love!

So what’s the point of subscribing to something like YouTube TV that would costs you $50 per month? Or Hulu Plus Live TV that’ll put a $55 whole in your wallet every month. If you opt for something that’s budget friendly like Sling TV, it’s still going to cost you $30 a month. It’s totally fine to subscribe to these platforms as long as you utilize them but if that’s not the case, it’s time to consider unsubscribing from these platforms.

However, if you don’t want to miss out on news, there are many services that offer free news streams such as ABC NEW Live and CBSN. And if you’re a sports a sports fan you can get Philo. It offers 58 channels at just $20 per month. Even better, you don’t have to pay throughout the year, just subscribe when the game season is on and then cancel.

Choose ad-supported subscriptions

Going ad-free can boost your cost up to 50%, so be a little compromising and choose a plan with advertisements. Of course, ads are irritating and break all the flow of the show. But on the bright side, just consider how much you’re saving! And it’s not like that an ad supported plan will just keep on popping ads all the time, the advertisements come at a decent interval. In that time, you can maybe reply to a text message or go to the washroom.

Opting for the CBS All Access ad supported plan will save you $48 annually, and if you go for Hulu, you save around $70 a year. That’s a lot. Every penny counts!

Choose non-premium plans

Screens are getting smaller and the shows are getting better, these days people prefer to watch shows on their mobile phones or tablets. So if you’re choosing a plan because of 4k, first of all, your phone or tablet doesn’t support such high quality.

Even if you plan to watch shows on a huge TV, the difference between 1080p and 4K isn’t as great as one might expect. Secondly, very few titles are available in 4K, so there is really no point to pay extra and subscribe for a premium plan.

Share subscriptions with friends and family

Whether you’re using different streaming services, or just one, you can split the cost with your friends and family that share the service with you. For example the Netflix premium plan offers 5profiles and four screens.

You can split the cost between 4 people, or let’s assume you want Hulu as well as Netflix. In this case as well, you can pay for Netflix and your friend can pay for Hulu. This way both of you can enjoy all the shows on the two different platforms.

Tell a friend

Companies want to grow, and one of the best way to sell your product is through referrals because word of mouth carries huge impact and can easily influence consumer decisions. Each friend you bring to Hulu, will get a 30 day free trial and if they sign up for more than 2 months you’ll get a $10 gift card.

Netflix also used to have a referral program, however it’s been long since it’s been discontinued. Even Amazon offers you the opportunity to earn affiliate awards, but you need to first become and register yourself on Amazon as an Associate member.

Purchase the yearly plan

If you intend to use a service for a long time, it’s better to subscribe for a yearly plan as altogether you’ll be paying less. While Netflix doesn’t offer long term plans in all countries, but for example it experimented this model with the Indian market.

The savings can be massive, with a 12 month subscription cutting down the cost by 50 percent, six months slashes it by 30 percent, while three months by 20 percent.

In case of PGA Tour LIVE if you opt for a yearly plan, it will cost $40/year but if you pay the monthly fee of $6 per month, you’ll end up paying $72. That’s a straight off massive saving of $32 per year. It’s usually a better idea to subscribe for longer plans if you intend to use the service for a long time.

Even with Disney Plus, the monthly cost is a mere $6.99 but if you subscribe for the complete year it will cost you $69.99, slashing your monthly cost down to $5.83. That’s almost a dollar saved every month or you could take it as two months of free viewership. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a good way to save money.