6 tips to improve your content marketing to land quality leads

content marketing

The oft-heard adage ‘Content is King’ rings true for content marketing because great content grabs the attention of your target audience and helps you generate leads.

These leads make it easy to market your product or service, resulting in sales. If the content is not great, there will be no leads and no audience to make sales.

It has been found that content marketing creates nearly three times more leads compared to outbound marketing. What’s more, it costs 62 percent less. However, this requires an efficient content marketing plan that generates consistent leads. Such a strategy not only helps in identifying your potential customers but also build lasting relations with them.

A case in point is the strategies used by financial advisors that sometimes fail to generate consistent leads. Here comes the million-dollar question – howto generate leads for financial advisors?

For starters, discard old strategies that are ineffective in the present-day business scenario, such as cold calling, direct mail, and ads in the print media.

Tips to improve content marketing

#1 Steer clear of bad content

Bad content is one that no one searches for. Generating it wastes time and effort since it goes unseen by your target audience. Content that is not aimed at decision-makers, but is geared towards practitioners is also termed as bad content. Fixing these two issues results in better quality leads.

#2 Hosting webinars pays

A webinar is an event held on the internet exclusively for an online audience. It helps in generating leads and in your inbound marketing pursuits. This is because people who register to take part in the webinar become your leads. A typical webinar is of an hour’s duration and includes about ten short videos that are distributed across networks. You can also design an attention-grabbing infographic about your services via slides.

#3 Minimum contact information

If you offer compelling content that urges your potential customers to view it, you can ‘gate’ the access to that material by using a lead form box. However, your contact form should not ask for unnecessary details. For instance, if you ask for address, and phone number, it is likely to be filled up by fewer people. However, if you only ask for email id, you can realize an increased conversion rate.

#4 Target your potential customers

You may have written outstanding content for your product or service, but it may not go to the right audience. This requires undertaking thorough marketing research. Once you identify your target audience, you will need to feed your content continuously to them at the right time and channel. This will enable you to gather their data and get an insight into their needs.

#5 Motivate your visitors

Your content should be such as to lead the audience into believing what you offer is the best solution. So, create persuasive content that educates the readers about your product or service. Also, design each page to provide an entryway to what you are offering. This requires building appropriate metrics into your distribution with related tracking codes. Your content should prompt the visitors to take the next step, that is, inquire about the product, buy it, refer it, or share it with others.

#6 Calls to action

Once you manage to generate more traffic to your site, you can convert your leads using relevant CTA. Tools like OptinMonster helps customize the CTA button based on page viewership. Also, a WP plugin called Append Content automatically add CTA at the end of each article.


Although good content is required to improve the marketing of your product or service, you will need to identify your audience and target them correctly. Your content should hook them by providing solutions to their problems. This will not only contribute towards effective content marketing but also display your authority on the subject.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash