5 ways to reduce your carbon footprint in any office

green office

2020 is the year where the world changes for the better. It’s time for us to stop ignoring the Earth’s global climate crisis and learn how to be greener.

This sort of behaviour should not just be for when we are at home, where we can recycle or use less plastic in our daily lives. You need to start figuring out eco-friendly ways to reduce your carbon footprint in your office too. That’s why we have compiled a small list of ways you can help the planet in any office or work environment.

Keep an eye on your paper intake

Now, it’s one thing to use paper for advertising supplies, such as business cards, posters and leaflets from a sustainable printing specialist, but you should also keep an eye on how much paper you actually use in the office in general. Try to avoid wasting paper and make sure to recycle any you use.

You may also want to try to keep any documents to an electronic interface wherever possible.

That way you can make sure to only use paper for your most important business deals. This will also help you save money on paper supplies. You can also keep close track of both your paper and ink use using smart printing machines by companies like Duplo International.

Turn off your lights

A lot of companies make the mistake of leaving their lights on over the weekend when no one is in the office. This is to deter thieves from trying to enter the property. It can also just come from not having a system in place to turn the lights off before staff leave. Try and organise a rota to ensure that you always turning the lights off before you go home. You can also make sure to keep your lights switched off on sunny days.

Heat Conservation

You do not always need to have an excessive amount of heating in the office. Have you ever tried turning down or up your dial by one? You may feel a little chillier in the office but it will be great for your heating bill, especially if you make sure the building is not heated during the night when no one is in the building.


Did you know that laptops actually use 80% less power than a desktop computer? Whilst it may seem like a big investment to get laptops for your employees to use, you will reduce your carbon footprint and will actually make things more convenient for your employees, since a laptop can travel with them wherever they go on a business trip.

Staff Garden

If you are lucky enough to have a business building that has an accessible roof, you may want to do your bit for the environment by creating a staff garden. This is a great place for your employees to relax and can also get them the fresh air they need during a busy day. Encourage them to bring their own plants in and help improve the garden on their breaks too. That way, you can create a mini paradise for all of your employees, and maybe even your clients, to enjoy.