5 tips on buying second-hand construction machinery


Continuous infrastructural development and expansion provide unlimited business opportunities for people in construction work.

Contracts awarded to construction companies are either form government institutions or private corporations. The need for construction of better roads and world-class architectural buildings means that sometimes companies get awarded construction contracts on short notice and to upgrade their machine inventory it is often cheaper and convenient to purchase second-hand construction machinery.

Before getting into the important things to consider when buyingused construction equipment, it’s essential to understand why such a purchase is beneficial.

Used construction machinery is relatively cheaper compared to new equipment. Thismeans that you will be liable forpaying smaller interest rates upon funding. Most machines depreciate at a faster rate during the first year of service.

Buying second hand construction machinery voids you of the initial depreciation and the service costs. Used machinery with proper records on their service and maintenance are an ideal purchase because you are assuredof its value. 24 hour live auctions on used machinery websites providebuyers with different models and prices for machinery at the click of a button.

Get a good dealer

Before making any purchase, especially from online vendors, it is advisable to ask for references from other construction engineers who have used the website before. Go through customer testimonials and pay keen attention to their response on customer service and the condition of machines they purchased.

Reputable dealers should also have well-established premises that can act as a point of reference. Proper contact information should be displayedon their website.

To evaluate their professionalism in customer service simplydial one of the contact numbers provided and observe whether they respond promptly and answer all your questions diligently. Properdealers should provide appropriate certification and documents to prove ownership or right to sell machines on display.

Reliable used machinery dealers should have active websites and impressive online traffic.

Consider the machine specifications

The nature of work to be performed by the machinery should equal its specifications. Check the model type, year of manufacture, size, fuel consumption, replacement parts among others. Tutor these specs to your personal preferences and requirements and it will be a comfortable and well-informed buy.

Conduct a comparison exercise on the same type of machine manufactured by different companies and evaluate their pros and cons. If different models have almost thesamespecifications, be cost conscious and go for the lesser known brand which might be cheaper and still get value for your money.

What is the history of the machine?

Conduct background checks on the ownership history of the machine and how well it was maintained. Maintenance checks include checking the fluids such as the hydraulic fluid, engine fluid, and transmission oil to evaluate their performance. Ask for proof of ownership to avoid buying stolen items. You can also authenticate this by asking for the serial number and sending it to the police to check with their records. You can liaise with your bank or do online checks on whether the second-handconstruction machinery has any liens against it.

Machine operating hours

The number of active hours in the history of the machine will determine whether buying used machinery is viable compared to buying a new one. A good machine should have the capacity to hold its value even after many hours of operation. Equipmentmay have a short working period but increased visits to the mechanic for repair. It’sessentialto avoid such a purchase;however cheap it may come. The maintenance costs accumulated within the first year of acquisition should not match the cost of buying a new machine if summed to the initial deposit amount.

Testing and inspection

It is advisable to conduct test drives to access the performance of the machine. Pay close attention to any abnormal sounds from the engine and emissions. Check the seat condition, controls, dashboard, pedals,andother features. Additionally, check that the transmission is efficient whether the machine will require additional costs in service.

Payment for all second-hand construction machinery should be made through trace able means, and proper legal work should ensure that your seller is liable for any faults he had not disclosed.