5  lifestyle changes made by Varun Venaik to improve his wellbeing

Sometimes small but meaningful changes in our lifestyle can result in life-changing improvements to our wellbeing.

Australian organic food enthusiast Varun Venaik has implemented five lifestyle changes that he considers to have had a monumental effect on his life.

Eating organic and minimally processed fresh food 

As explored in detail on Varun Venaik’s website, eating the freshest possible food with minimal pesticides can bring so many benefits to our physical health and wellbeing. Since cutting out processed and conventionally grown foods, Varun has felt significantly better both from a mental and physical wellbeing standpoint. Before he moved towards this diet, Varun often found that he felt sluggish, unsatisfied and low on energy after a big meal full of processed ingredients. These days, by consuming home-cooked food with fresh ingredients, Varun feels energised and revitalised after a meal. Making this seemingly small change to his lifestyle and contributed to an overall better sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Exercising three times a week

To stay fit and active, Varun engages in a range of different physical activities – including tennis, swimming, running and walking. This has made a world of difference, helping not only in building Varun’s muscle and reducing body fat, but also helping him get a better night’s sleep most nights, vastly increasing his overall energy levels (and lowering fatigue) along with improving his moods.

Sleeping properly

When most people think of how they can “sleep properly” they assume what this means is getting eight hours of sleep – while this is definitely important, good sleep habits mean a lot more than this. Varun has discovered that it’s not only about the quantity of sleep you get, but also the quality. Varun has made a number of changes to improve the quality of his sleep each night. Firstly, he makes sure to try and sleep at the same time each night, and tries to wake up at roughly the same time each morning. Introducing this sleeping routine has meant that Varun feels energised throughout the day, and doesn’t have that sluggish or tired feeling in the afternoons that many of us probably struggle with. Secondly, Varun makes sure to avoid using any electronic devices in the hour before he goes to sleep. This has made a massive difference to Varun’s ability to fall asleep and the quality of his sleep.

Helping others and donating to charity

Helping others is well-known to generate endorphins, or what are known as “happy chemicals” in our body. Varun has found that taking deliberate steps to do at least one kind thing for someone else every day has contributed immensely to his overall feelings of happiness and satisfaction with life. This can be as simple as helping someone with their bags, giving up a seat on the bus or making a small donation to a charity. Varun found that when he made a conscious effort to do something good for someone else every single day, it gave him a sense of purpose and a sense of perspective that he hasn’t ever had before.

Keeping a neat and tidy home

Varun used to find it incredibly difficult to maintain any sense of tidiness at home. The moment he got busy, he would find himself resorting to the lazy tactic of leaving things in different places and not cleaning up after himself. Recently Varun made a promise to himself to start keeping his home neat and tidy, no matter how busy he got, and to do a full clean of his house at least once a week. Varun was amazed at how much of a difference this made to his mood and stress levels, and how much this simple habit has contributed to him having an overall sense of happiness and calmness in his life.

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