5 Great Car Related Business Ideas for 2021

Whether you have a passion for cars or love to drive, there are tons of ways that you could make a living while doing what you love.

There are businesses where you could drive as your main duty, but also many businesses that you can run from a vehicle. You could even offer services to car owners. Either way, the number of possibilities is almost endless and there are probably opportunities you may not have even considered. Here are some great car related business ideas for 2021.

Scrap Metal Business

Starting a scrap metal business is a great way to make money in the automobile business. You will be collecting cars or having people bring them in and assess how much value they have left. You will then have to take the parts of the vehicle that are salvageable and recycle the rest.

Some scrap metal dealers decide to transform the metal themselves, while others don’t. You don’t necessarily need to have a foundry, but it could make storing and selling recycled metal much easier.

One of the things you won’t be able to do without, however, is employees. You will also need to consider things such as traders insurance in addition to the various permits you’ll have to apply for.

The good news is that there are ways that you can significantly reduce the costs of traders insurance. You have sites like Quotezone that allow you to compare traders insurance on their website. All you have to do is complete one simple form and they’ll give you the best policies for you. You’ll then be able to contact them through phone or their website so you can get your coverage instantly.

Car Wash

Car washes are one of the businesses with the lowest barriers to entry in the automobile business. There are also many approaches that you can take. If you don’t want to spend money on a location, then you could start a mobile car wash service. However, one of the best ways to make money as a car wash is to own a self-serve one. This could become a source of semi-passive income and will allow you to save on staff.

Car Trader

This is a great option for anyone who understands cars and knows how to spot a good deal. You can start from your home or have an office. Having an office is recommended if you want to grow your car dealership as there will be limits to how many vehicles you can sell from your home.

We would also suggest that you look at furthering your understanding of mechanics if you want to be able to make it in this field. Being able to assess the state of a vehicle is very important in a car dealership business. If you have in-depth expertise, you will be able to perform summary inspections yourself, which will give you a great advantage.

Body Auto Mechanic

If you want to work directly on cars, starting a garage could be a good option. While you can be a general mechanic, know that it’s a much more complex field than body auto, especially when considering all the electronic parts in new vehicles. Electric vehicles are also growing in popularity and are very different from regular cars.

The road to being a body mechanic is much easier. Jobs are also easier to find and you won’t have to spend as much time on continuing your education afterwards. So, if you want to make things easy for yourself and still be able to work on cars 10 years from now, starting a body auto shop could be a great option. Here, you can either decide to start your brand or work with a franchise.

We would suggest you think twice about brushing off franchises as they can give you plenty of advantages. A good franchise will do everything they can for you to succeed. They want to be able to preserve their brand. So, you can expect to get good support and help with marketing. They could even help you find a perfect location for your business, so make sure that you look at a few franchises and see what kind of reputation they have.

Used Tyre Business

This is one of the best businesses for people with a limited budget. All you have to do is find tyres that are still in decent condition for the right price. You will also need space to store them. Note that spare tyres can be sold to people in your community, but they are also a great product to export, so that could be another way to turn a profit.

These are all great business models for those who want to work around automobiles. Some of these are more difficult to enter than others, while others cost less, so look at which ones would work depending on your situation.