4 surprising products that saw spikes in sales during Covid-19

Home Dye

When Covid-19 hit, many businesses were affected. Some went through a rough period, some sold out quicker than ever before.

And people didn’t just shop online for groceries, disinfectants and masks, sales also went through the roof for many products that didn’t seem to have a direct correlation with the virus. In this article, we talk about 4 surprising products that showed extreme spikes in sales during the last few months!

1. Home improvement products and tools

Many people have a ‘to do later’-list when it comes to home improvement. When you’re working 9-to-5, you don’t always want to change your terrace or deal with that leaky tap. But turns out, being home a lot more, has inspired many people to use their time to fix things around the house. That leaky tap will for instance annoy you a lot more if you sit next to it all day! The category home improvement and tools has shown a huge spike in sales with people buying all kinds of products, from patio tiles to paint.

2. Hair dye

This is another category in which people thought: “Oh well, I’ll just do it myself”. In many countries, hair stylists were closed for weeks. This led to a lot of people ordering hair dye and maybe even trying out a new look!

3. Jacuzzi’s

Many people had to cancel their holidays and instead opted for a holiday in their own country or even staying at home. Fonteyn Spa’s, the biggest retailer in jacuzzis and hot tubs in the Netherlands, for instance saw a huge spike in online sales. Because let’s be honest – if you have to stay home with your family this year, you might as well relax in a jacuzzi for 5 or 6 people (Dutch: jacuzzi 5 personen & jacuzzi 6 personen). Bring a drink and slide into a seat with a special bubbling program … The warm water is great for your muscles!

4. Home workout tools

When the gyms closed, some people enjoyed hibernating and took some time off from working out. Others decided to recreate their gym with some tools. Some of the top selling products are resistance bands and small weights.

What have you bought during this period?