4 essential facts you must know before choosing a mattress for your home


The first thing that comes to your mind when picking a mattress is a comfort. Before anything else, if you are going to buy a mattress, it has to be comfortable – that’s the only way you’re getting a great night’s sleep.

When a mattress has passed the comfort test, then you begin to look out for other important factors like size and, of course, style. So are comfort and style the only factors to consider when picking a mattress? Are there important things to look out for like size, durability, and price?

The following tips will guide you on how to choose a mattress that will bring comfort and style to your home

  1. Go with memory foam:There are different types of mattresses available at different sizes and prices like Pocket strung, Latex, hybrid, etc.

But the king of all the mattresses is Memory foam. This type of bed is tailor-made for your comfort. Memory foam mattresses have a technology that allows it to adjust to the curves of your body to leave you really comfortable as you sleep.

A mattress is incomplete without a memory foam pillow right beside it, so make sure to add them to your list. Just like their big cousin mattress, memory foam pillows contours to the shape of your head when you lay on them. They are stress-relieving, soft, and usually, have breathable ventilation.

  1. Know your Sleeping position and how it affects your bed choice: There are people who sleep on their backs and also like the idea of an extravagantly soft mattress. The only issue we have with this is that a really soft bed will cause your body to sink and uneven parts of your body that will eventually lead to pain.

For those who often sleep on their backs, an extremely soft mattress may not be the best option, rather one that is moderately firm and provides support for your spine.

On the contrary, soft mattresses are a really good idea if you are a side-sleeper. They offer great pressure point relief when lying on your side and are especially great for women who are pregnant.

  1. What are the different Mattress size: There’s a great logic behind the reason why the sizes of mattresses vary a lot. Manufacturers are simply looking at the extremely diversified demographic that is out there in the world.

If you’re a single guy in a small room with the need for a small mattress, the ‘Twin single’ size is the one for you. If you’re still single but now with more room for furniture, you could opt for the ‘Super single’ size of mattress

For really tall, single folks, the ‘Twin XL’ size takes care of your height with a longer vertical dimension than the Twin single size.

The king-size bed is perhaps the best choice for couples looking to get something large enough to accommodate them with extra offsets for tossing and turning. Couples with little kids who like to tuck in with them at night should also try out the King size bed.

  1. How much is your budget: One thing you must always consider before choosing a mattress is your budget. When you’re buying mattress online, the price doesn’t always mean that is of the best quality, so it is great to always check.

King size beds or California sizes are obviously more expensive than the others, with prices going as high $1500-1700. There are different offers and deals according to the outlet but choices are usually in that price limit.

Now that you are fully equipped and ready to choose a mattress that is comfortable and suitable for you, all that is missing are warm, cozy sheets, and a great book!