3 types of marketing tools every business should have

The BNTouch mortgage marketing software belongs to a category of tools called customer relationship management (CRM), which are designed to facilitate a host of business processes.

The BNTouch mortgage marketing software belongs to a category of tools called customer relationship management (CRM), which are designed to facilitate a host of business processes.

If you own a business but are not familiar with such tools yet, then you may be missing out on the many advantages that they offer. CRMs and similar tools may be what your business needs to gain that all-important edge over your competition.

Marketing software has evolved exponentially over the past several years. Advancements in technology have made such tools useful and even crucial to businesses. Here’s a look at three types of marketing tools that every business should have.


Autoresponders may be one of the simplest marketing tools, but they serve an important role in the marketing aspect of businesses just the same. As the term implies, autoresponders are tools that “responds” for you. Messages that you have pre-set are sent out automatically to potential clients who have signed up and joined your mailing list.

You can program an autoresponder to send out messages according to the rules, intervals and schedules that you set. This opens a host of possibilities for your business. You may use it to spread the word about an upcoming sale or event, send out birthday greetings, remind clients of expiring subscriptions, direct clients to more specific goods or services that are relevant to their queries, etc. The primary benefit of autoresponders is that they save you lots of time and work hours that you’ll have to spend if you send out the messages manually.

Website Heat Mapping Diagnostic Tools

Businesses who rely heavily on their websites to generate sales and client leads will find website heat mapping diagnostic tools very useful. These tools got their name from the way that they convey data, which is through two-dimensional color visualization for easy interpretation. Heatmaps have been used for various forms of data analytics. For online marketing, the maps provide a clearer picture of how website visitors behave. Heat mapping makes it easier to know what interests visitors, what doesn’t, what makes them stay on the website and what makes them leave.

Heatmaps make it easier to understand and analyze huge amounts of data. Understanding visitor browsing behavior allows your webmasters to design a website that offers optimum user experience. A better user experience gives you a better chance at lead generation and sales conversion.

CRM Tools

CRM stands for customer relationship management, and it generally refers to how businesses create and maintain relationships with their clients. CRM tools, therefore, provide solutions to a wide range of business processes including marketing, sales and customer service. A CRM tool can help you organize customer information, make calls, create reports, add notes, schedule appointments and manage your sales pipeline to mention just a few of its many capabilities. Some CRM tools may even have autoresponse and heat mapping features.

Having a host of different capabilities simplifies the most important aspects of your business, which is nurturing client loyalty and expanding your client network. The tool enables your business to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks and rechannel the efforts of your personnel to more intricate and high-level tasks.

Using autoresponders, website heat mapping analytics and CRMs may be the push that your business needs to take it to the next level. Look at these tools to see how your business can benefit from them.