3 things small businesses can learn from casino marketing strategies

Online gambling

When thinking of a casino, many don’t think of it as a business. The word casino brings flashing lights, loud sounds and music, images of throngs of people hustling and bustling and the hope of winning big to the mind.

But that is only the front end of a casino; customer service and the product on full display. Behind the scenes, hundreds of people are designing marketing strategies, sifting through market analysis and looking at numbers and statistics to bring it all together and make it work. Casinos could be said to be some of the best businesses in the world, which is why there are many lessons small businesses could learn from them. One example could be as simple as optimizing and maintaining mailing lists, which casinos do extremely well and is one of the backbones of their sales. It is easy for a business to mass market and flood a customer’s inbox a new product or service. However, this could lead to customers unsubscribing or even hard bounces which result in a business’s delivery reputation being lowered. Casinos have also taken advantage of every technological leap and bound society has made and are praised for keeping up with the times.

Embrace the technology revolution

Casinos have been popular since 1638 when the first one, Casino di Venezia, was built. But as soon as home computers started becoming popular in the 1980’s, casinos began developing software to allow for online gambling using real money. This resulted in the launch of the first online casino in 1996. Since then mobile casinos were available from about 2005, albeit without the ability to win real money. Today there are hundreds of mobile casinos and plethora of apps to choose from. So much so that an entire industry has been created to help users pick the best. For example, look at 6takarakuji, in this article they help Japanese players choose the best mobile casino for them. The addition of mobile casinos has added so much additional revenue to the casinos but also created industries that people would have never considered before.

When virtual reality started becoming popular, the world’s first virtual reality online casino was launched in 2016. By keeping up with the times and developing software to fully utilize technological innovations, casinos have been able to give customers access to their products while not even close to a casino. It also allowed the casinos to broaden their customer base by giving the opportunity to gamble to almost anyone, across many platforms. Businesses can learn from this approach by adopting technology, even if it is only for marketing, such as TikTok. TikTok is being used by more and more brands to provide organic marketing and to reach new audiences as well as create a relationship with customers.

Leverage other people’s audiences

In todays market, the competition is fierce and one business is always trying to get ahead of another, so the idea of using an affiliate program could be incredibly beneficial. One of the reasons they are so effective compared to traditional marketing is because instead of having a broad ad campaign that only converts a small percentage of people who see it, affiliates target the audience a business is wanting to convert.

For example, casinos and online casinos often use affiliates to grow their customer base. These affiliates are usually casino goers themselves and know the ins and outs of gambling. They have their own blogs or websites and have their own audience, posting truthful content such as tips and information related to gambling which creates trust with the audience.

They then deliver referral traffic to online casinos by placing links and banners on their own websites, which offers a much higher conversion rate as the audience already has a proclivity towards gambling. Businesses can use this approach too, as well as referral programs with rewards for customers for each successful conversion.

Create an exciting environment

Part of the reason why customers visit casinos is because of the exciting environment that casinos create; it is an experience within itself. Businesses could learn from this by adopting a similar approach to the environment in which they run. A positive, exciting environment has many benefits.

One of the biggest benefits is the feel-good response that is elicited from customers, which creates a sense of trust and familiarity with a business. This in turn makes the customer feel compelled to visit said business with a positive environment, as opposed to another business that might be more cost effective. A business with a dreary, bland and boring environment won’t entice customers to come back again.