3 sure-fire ways to keep your business secure

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It’s in the DNA of most entrepreneurs to amble headfirst into a business opportunity, prioritising profit margins over the safety of themselves or their colleagues.

This mentality was the mother of ingenuity in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, when eccentric inventors and entrepreneurs were patenting a cornucopia of innovative products with a cavalier approach to risk taking.

That very same spirit of endeavour can be found in some of the most profitable businesspeople of the present day, from Richard Branson’s attempt to traverse the globe in a hot air balloon to Steve Jobs’ life-long endeavour to innovate in the technological sector.

A certain sense of recklessness, then, is a necessary part of success, but you can’t allow it to govern your entire company. Without prudence, you’ll find your enterprise will sink like a beginner swimmer in concrete boots.

That means security for your premises and safety for your employees. Sound alarming? Fear not – our helpful tips guide will give you pointers on the best way to keep your premises and employees safe.

Lights, camera, action

Purchasing a few cameras might seem like common sense nowadays, but you’d be amazed how many businesses overlook this security necessity.

If you’ve got the technical knowhow, you don’t even need an expensive setup for more secure premises. All you need to do is rig up a few webcams with recording capabilities and keep them running. Webcams with Wi-Fi support might even be able to beam footage to your phone so you can observe footage even when you’re not on site. Peace of mind for a minor fee.

Protect your lone workers

Working alone can be a threatening experience. Sometimes you’ll be entering strange premises, meeting unknown clients or driving through winding country back roads in your car, all without anyone knowing where you are.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. A wide variety of companies cater to the lone worker, allowing their employer to track their movements via GPS or with special lone worker alarms or apps.

One such company is Safe Shores Monitoring, a Glasgow-based company which offers an array of different lone worker security services catered specially for every client. If your employees regularly work alone, this is an investment worth making.

Maintain control

It’s easy to fit key codes on all doors, but that’s no good if you don’t know who has the codes. Once you’ve given a new employee key codes, put their name in a special security register and change the code once they’ve left your employ.

In a similar vein, implement a sign-in sheet at your main door so you know who’s on the premises at any given time. That way you’ll be in full control should anything go missing.

That’s our list. Can you think of any security measures to improve your business premises? Then let us know in the comments below!