3 areas to rent serviced apartments in Zurich


Zurich is among the top destinations in the world for expats. As a result, there is a very high need for serviced apartments for rent.

Zurich is also known for its incredible amenities, high-quality life and a buzzing culture. These aspects of the city have also contributed significantly to the demand for serviced apartments. On the other hand, Switzerland is among the expensive countries to live in. However, you can still get a variety of apartments for rent on serviced apartment Zurich for your long and short stay.

Long term serviced apartments in Zurich will provide you with amenities that will make you feel home away from home. These apartments come with an addition of cleaning services, and this makes them slightly expensive. For students, considering renting a house in a flatshare would be the option. A flatshare helps to reduce the expenses associated with renting a private residence. This article discusses housing in the different districts of Zurich with the aim of helping you make an informed decision on where to rent a house.

Apartments in Zurich Districts

Zurich has 12 different districts in total. Life in each of these districts is slightly different from the other. All the districts in Zurich are numbered and named. It is, therefore, easy to find your way around as you decide on where to live.

The districts near the centre of Zurich are mostly in high demand. However, the apartments here are mostly one or two bedrooms and are smaller. Those who desire to live in houses that are more spacious and enjoy scenery often move out of Zurich.

Zurich City Centre apartments

Zurich has become a preferred destination for many people. As such, the demand for apartments, especially spacious ones, has skyrocketed. It is quite a task to get a spacious apartment in the city centre. Consequently, you will need to promptly act if you see one available since the competition is quite high.

Zurich Wiedikon apartments

Wiedikon is located South West of Zurich city centre. It more of a residential area and has several picnic areas as well as patches of grass. There is a feel of neighbourhood Wiedikon with many apartments here being renovated continuously. You will also find a mixture of both young people and families. Also, Uetliberg, which is Zurich’s own ‘mountain’, is located in this district.

Most of the residents here are people not born in Switzerland. The area is therefore mostly a cosmopolitan district.

Zurich Aussersihl apartments

Aussersihl is a highly multicultural district and very lively to live. The demand for houses here is quite high. It is also home to trendy bars and fascinating night spots. These spots are very popular with the young professionals and the students of Zurich University. The district is also regarded as a very safe and fun place to live.

It is this Aussersihl’s multicultural aspects combined with the liveliness of young people make the place very popular, especially for young professionals.  Settling here and making new friends is very easy since there is always something going on in the district.

In summary, you can get the apartment of your choice, and in the district of your choice on serviced apartment Zurich.