2019 smart home technology for your home

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Technology continues to grow year on year and this is shown with the endless amount of smart home gadgets that are now available.

It is important to look for the best offers available on these and everything in general, such as when you follow onlinecasino24.org, who continue to give fantastic offers for players. So as we move into 2019, what are the must have smart home gadgets for that modern day home?

Ecobee 4 – Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats have long been one of the key parts to a smart home with the Nest product leading the way. However the new Ecobee 4 has even possibly surpassed this and keeps all the best parts from the previous models.

It has a responsive touchscreen display, proximity sensor, a remote temperature and integrates with Amazon, Apple, Samsung and IFTTT. The touchscreen on the Ecobee 4 is very easy to use, with the product also using a temperature and motion/proximity detection, meaning it can determine if someone is home or away. This makes it more effective when tracking your different rooms for certain temperatures. This is a fantastic new thermostat for any smart home.

Ring Video Doorbell – Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells are one of the newer smart home devices to hit the market, but have been a very popular one. The Ring video doorbell, is one of them leading the way and is compatible with Apple, Google and Amazon. The device works through connecting to your existing doorbell, which means when it is triggered it will notify you via your smartphone. This means you can then speak to the person at your door from wherever you are, and you can now further enhance this with video recording. This is also a deterrence to crime, so is a positive edition for a modern home in 2019.

Philips Hue White LED Starter Kit – Smart Bulbs

Philips were the first to get onto the market for smart lighting and continue to lead the way with the products available on the market. The device works through connecting to your router, which means you can then control the lighting in your home from wherever you are. This is again through your connected smart phone. There are also many fantastic additions to the product such as setting a sunrise effect. This starter kit is yet another great addition to any smart home and is the cheapest Hue LED kit on the market.