12V LED Strip Differ From the 24V LED Strip

LED strip lights

LED strips are used in numerous applications in homes and offices around the world.

Whether you want to add a stunning effect to your kitchen or a dramatic lighting effect in your living room or dining room, you can use these strips to give you the versatility you need to complete your project with ease and confidence.

First of all, you need to understand that LED strips come in twelve domes and twenty-four domes. Each provides its own benefits; both can be used in both residential and commercial projects. So, it’s wise to identify which is which, which works best for you, and then the best place to buy them to make sure you’re buying the best quality.

12V LED strip lights provide the perfect low power illumination. The lighting is cozy, warm and energy efficient. If you are looking for ways to reduce your power consumption while limiting your impact on the environment, then you might want to choose 12V instead of 24V. This can be used for under-cabinet lighting and also to create a dramatic effect on your ceiling.

Various homeowners are using lighting to separate their living areas when living in an open-plan home. More designers are using LED strips to separate rooms, create a dramatic effect, and provide customers with a comfortable lighting solution that works for them now and in the future.

The twenty-four dome LED strips are best used for higher watts, if you are looking for something brighter that will stand out. The 24V LED strip can be used for staircases, ceilings, and even outdoors, while the 12V LED is more suitable for bookshelves, under cabinets, and softer ceiling lighting.

Make sure to buy the 12V LED strip that you buy from a reputable company like Lepro, with years of industry knowledge and experience. There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing LED strips to ensure you are purchasing a quality product that you know will provide you with years of use and enjoyment.

Let’s face it, there is nothing more frustrating than installing your new lighting and after a couple of months the LED chips stop working. On average, LED lighting should last for years, some up to forty hours of use, if not longer. So, buying quality will give you good value for money, ensuring that you don’t have to change your lighting anytime soon.

If you are not sure whether you need the 24V or 12V LED strip, you may want to find a reputable lighting company that provides lighting design and energy saving service. The company can offer your ideas based on your particular design needs. They will also conduct a comprehensive energy study and provide you with charts so you can see how purchasing these strips can help you save money in the long run.

Never buy from the first company you find online selling 12V LED strips. Do your homework, learn everything you can about the company, including its delivery information, return policy, and after-sales service. Trust independent review sites to read honest customer reviews, and then compare a few companies with each other to see which one stands out and feels like you can buy with confidence.

Remember to only use price as the final deciding factor when you find yourself split between two or more vendors offering the same quality 12V LED strip and you don’t know which one to choose.