App review: Things

Task manager apps of the past have always had the same complaints. Complicated, difficult to use and cluttered with unnecessary features. ‘Things” has tailored their latest update of their app to tackle all these problems. Simplistic yet stylish, a smooth and clean layout makes the app a delight to use. Whilst stripping the app of any pointless features, ‘Things’ have introduced new elements, such as the ability to create repeating tasks, add due dates and schedule tasks for a later date. This enables any user to increase their productivity whilst managing and prioritising their time effectively.

There are a couple of complaints which are all to familiar to the old task manager apps, however. At times, this app can feel too fiddly, with too many buttons to quickly add something to your to-do list. With no multiple tagging feature, you may find yourself mind-numbingly tagging your tasks individually, instead of getting on with your busy schedule. Therefore, to make this app as effective as it can be, you have to put the work in.

Only minor points, but annoying ones at that. Considering how well this app works across all your devices, and how effective it can be if used properly, this app is useful if you often find yourself having to juggle multiple tasks day in day out. And, if used day in day out, the price of £39.99 isn’t as steep as first thought.