Is cryptocurrency still Bitcoin & everybody else?


As a small business owner, you have to decide which opportunities are worth pursuing and which might be a waste of your time.

It has become increasingly clear that cryptocurrency isn’t exactly something which you can ignore.

After all, the digital coins often lead off the financial news every night, for good and bad, and more and more people are taking the dive to see what they’re all about in terms of incorporating them into their personal finances.

Small business simply can’t stick their head in the sand and pretend that they’ll just fall by the wayside. Otherwise, they run the risk of becoming obsolete should cryptocurrency be the thing that separates their competitors from them.

In terms of cryptocurrency, many people know about Bitcoin, which is the preeminent player in the market when it comes to market share and brand awareness.

There are many other coins on the market besides Bitcoin, which can muddy up the decision-making process for business owners trying to figure out how to proceed. Investors are also faced with the same deluge of cryptocurrency choices, which is why many turns to trading robots much like Crypto CFD Trader to help them with these tough decisions.

For a business owner, however, is it worth it to even consider a crypto offering besides Bitcoin? That depends on what you’re seeking.

Everybody Knows Their Name

The obvious benefit to Bitcoin is that it is the one cryptocurrency that stands above the rest in terms of name recognition. As a result, being able to accept payments from customers with Bitcoin can lend your business a certain amount of notoriety.

There are plenty of users of the coins, including many who see it as more than an investment opportunity. You can certainly draw in more business by having it on your website or your storefront that you accept payment in it.

The Limitations

When it comes to Bitcoin, you have to realize that it acts pretty much the same way as any other form of payment does. It might take place at a faster rate and provide you with more convenience, but it is still just another way of making a transaction. That kind of thing may not be the jolt that you want out of a technological innovation that you adopt for your business.

The Alternatives

When you start searching around for some of the other top names, in terms of market share and recognizability, among the so-called alt-coins, you’ll find that they may provide you with a little bit more versatility than does Bitcoin.

But these coins are also not nearly as well established, meaning that incorporating them might mean you having to scrap those plans if the coins go under. And you might have a harder time finding people to exchange them with you if you do choose to use them as currency.

Bitcoin is still the top coin in the realm of cryptocurrency, although it is starting to have to vie for attention just a bit with the others. You will be taking less of a chance with it, but your expectations for it might have to be tempered a bit compared with the potential of the others.