YouGov survey finds Scots favour UK over EU – even if it means losing Single Market access

A YouGov poll of 1,006 Scots also found “no real shift towards independence” after the UK’s Brexit vote. This is despite the fact a majority in Scotland voted in favour of Remain, reports CityAM.

The survey found 53 per cent of voters would opt for remaining inside the UK if another independence referendum were held today, versus 47 per cent who would opt to leave.

This represents a one per cent push towards independence from May 2015, YouGov said.

The poll, which was carried out between 20 and 25 July, found that even a guarantee of independent Scotland remaining inside the EU would not sway the outcome.

It found 46 per cent would rather live in a Scotland that was still part of the UK after Brexit, versus 37 per cent who would rather live in an independent Scotland that was part of the EU.

Similar results were found in relation to the Single Market. Some 40 per cent would rather Scotland remained in the UK after losing access, compared with 34 per cent who would prefer to leave the UK and retain access.