Lidl boost for UK produce in Europe


Lidl has taken advantage of the weaker pound and ramped up its shipments of British produce including cheese from the West Country, chutney and Scotch whisky to its stores across Europe, the Telegraph reports.

Retail analysts have claimed that Lidl’s UK business would be hurt by rising import costs as a result of the sterling slump and assumed it imports the majority of produce from the Continent.

Yet top company sources have revealed that 70 per cent of the supermarket’s produce, particularly its meat and vegetables, comes from the UK.

Morrisons and the University of Leeds recently revealed that only 52 per cent of the food we eat is grown in this country. Lidl is expected to use cost savings on its refurbishment programme to offset currency costs, rather than attempt to increase its prices in the fiercely competitive grocery market.

The supermarket chain controls 4.5 per cent of the UK grocery market.