EU referendum: Leave camp pulls ahead in latest poll from Ipsos Mori which shows six point lead for Brexiteers

The Leave campaign is ahead of the Remain side in the run up to next week’s EU referendum, according to the latest poll from Ipsos Mori published by CityAM

The poll, conducted by Ipsos Mori and the Evening Standard, shows that the Out brigade have taken a six point lead, with 53 per cent of voters wanting to leave the EU, while 47 per cent will opt to stay in. This represents a swing of 10 to the pro-Brexit side and away from the Remain camp. A total of 1,257 adults from across the UK were polled.

The numbers mean the Leave campaign has taken a six-point lead in just one week, when the last Ipsos Mori telephone survey was conducted.

“The Leave campaign is getting their messages across, especially on the key public concern on immigration,” said Ipsos Mori’s Gideon Skinner.

“But the Remain camp is finding it much harder to convince people that their core economic messages, both on the risks of Brexit and the benefits of staying, is going to have a personal impact on their lives.”

This morning saw four Conservative grandees, including former leader Iain Duncan Smith and ex-chancellor Lord Lamont, accuse the Bank of England of peddling scare stories, and attack George Osborne’s plans for an emergency Brexit budget.

The new numbers have emerged following yesterday’s showdown on the Thames, between Ukip leader Nigel Farage and musician-turned-activist Bob Geldof over the EU’s fishing rules.