Business leaders sign letter pledging to create a more “vibrant economy”

Theresa May

“Our new Prime Minister has signalled her intent to tackle these challenges and make the UK a country that works for everyone. But this is a challenge that government cannot take on alone,” according to the letter signed by IT company Cisco and FTSE 250-listed engineering firm Atkins, as reported by City AM.

“We need to work together, across the UK’s cities and communities. It will take cross-sector collaboration between the public, private and third sectors,” it added.

Other signatories include the chief executive of Brompton Cicycle Will Butler-Adams, Claire Braithwaite of ventures and partnerships at the Co-operative Group and Nida Broughton chief economist of the Social Market Foundation.

It coincides with the launch today of Grant Thornton’s vibrant economy commission in which the letter’s signatories will work towards these aims.

The commission will conduct a series of nationwide inquiries to stimulate new ideas and actions that will shape a vibrant economy for the UK. Grant Thornton believes it is increasingly important given Theresa May’s focus on responsible capitalism.

Butler-Adams, who is also chair of the vibrant economy commission, said: “I’m confident that this commission will play a key role in stimulating ideas and activity that will help create a more vibrant economy — one that realises the shared potential of the UK.

“One in which growth is more sustainable, prosperity more widely shared and people and communities are better able to realise their potential.”