BT-EE merger cleared by Competition and Markets Authority


The CMA said the takeover was “not expected to result in a substantial lessening of competition in any market in the UK”.

BT announced it was buying EE for £12.5bn in February this year, reports The BBC.

The deal is set to create a communications giant covering fixed-line phones, broadband, mobile and TV.

The takeover more than trebles BT’s retail customers adding the 10 million it already had to EE’s 24.5 million direct mobile subscribers.

John Wotton, chair of the CMA inquiry said: “Having considered all the evidence, the group does not provisionally believe that, in a dynamic and evolving sector, it is more likely than not that BT/EE will be able to use its position to damage competition or the interests of consumers.”

The CMA said the two firms operated largely in separate areas “with BT strong in supplying fixed communications services (voice, broadband and pay TV), EE strong in supplying mobile communications services, and limited overlap between them in both categories of service”.

BT chief executive Gavin Patterson said: “The combined BT and EE will be good for the UK, providing investment and ensuring consumers and businesses can benefit from further innovation in a highly competitive market”.