British Airways computer outage causes flight delays around the world

British Airways

British Airways has apologised to passengers for delays after a technical problem hit check-in systems, reports The Guardian.

Angry travellers complained of hours queuing at airports and some reported they had been told the problem was worldwide.

Responding to passengers on Twitter, the airline wrote: “We apologise to our customers for the delay and we appreciate their patience as our IT teams work to resolve this issue.”

It added: “Our colleagues are doing everything possible to check in customers for their journey.”

One passenger stranded at Toronto Airport said: “I guess the check in application is down and it’s world wide.”

Ewan Crawford, of Glasgow, said he was at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

He tweeted: “Never a good sign when they deliver water to the gate! Waiting at ORD for British-Airways 296. Worldwide computer outage apparently! Hmm.”

“Huge computer issue affecting British Airways across USA. Friend at Dulles tells me pilots by gate but passengers still trying to check in!” Twitter user John Bevir wrote.

It was unclear the number of flights that were delayed.