Which industries are expected to grow in 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic?


The recent emergence of a previously unknown COVID-19 has substantially damaged the operation of various industries.

Coronavirus has infected more than 135,000 and killed over 5,000 people, with Iran, Italy, and China being the most affected countries.

Because of the outbreak of COVID-19, many sporting events, including the NBA, Serie A, La Liga and release of movies were postponed, but the main harm was inflicted on the industries. However, there are some industries that saw a significant surge in times of pandemic, and this article will be about three of such industries.

Streaming services

While schools and learning activities temporarily halted, most of the students are forced to remain at home. This is particularly visible in Italy. Most streaming companies, for example, very popular Netflix, saw a significant spike in streaming because many children started to watch a lot of movies and TV shows.

Moreover, coronavirus affected soccer, as well. The recent Champions League match between Dortmund and PSGwas played behind closed doors, and the viewers were forced to watch the encounter from their screens which was very beneficial for streaming companies. However, this trend may fall through in the upcoming periods, as many top-flight leagues postponed games until April 3.

Online gambling

Casinos were greatly affected because people have become reluctant to go to public gathering places. But in no way, it hampered the operation of online casinos and live games. One of the countries we can mention is Canada, where coronavirus has not barred people from playing live poker games Canada casinos provide to its customers. Yes, the number of infected people is not currently very high, but it should also be said that it is expected to rise, and for the time being casinos will be affected. Therefore people tend to be more active online, which sees an increase in the online gambling industry.

You may assume that the ongoing pandemic should not leave time for playing online casino games, but as statistics show it is not the case now.

Online gaming

Online games such as Fortnite, Overwatch, etc. are very much excepted to grow in this period. They have never lacked the gamers in their platform, but as many students and workers are moving to remote operation, it is highly likely they will spend a lot of money on these games.

However, due to the safety reasons, The city-based Call of Duty League has shifted to a new format amid the coronavirus pandemic. In a statement, the league declared that upcoming matches would be played online as opposed to large events hosted by cities across North America and Europe.


The following three industries, more or less, stand out from the others, as they have seen a spike in customers. It is hard to predict whether this trend will continue in the future, considering how rapidly coronavirus is spreading across the world. Still, for now, they seem to enjoy a relatively good situation.