Wedango – A revolutionary wedding service finder launching soon in the UK

After successfully operating in Malta for just over a year with the unique Wedding Service Finder Get Hitched, the company is expanding in the UK under the name Wedango.

Get Hitched

and Wedango are truly innovative platforms, connecting couples to wedding suppliers that meet their criteria. From wedding catering services to wedding photographers and plenty of services in between, the platforms are revolutionizing the wedding industry in Malta and abroad, by serving as a one-stop-shop for couples and vendors alike!

After chasing a tonne of vendors to make his wedding happen, co-founder Jonathan felt perplexed that there wasn’t an existing platform in the wedding industry that allowed a couple to plan their wedding in a hassle-free manner. “All of the existing platforms did pretty much the same thing … show you tens of suppliers in a category in no particular order except put on top those who paid more advertising space, you still have to contact them individually to see if they are available for your date and for your budget” Jonathan said.

He expressed the idea to his business partner Ben entered the picture, they interviewed couples and noticed that there where plenty of people who had similar issues. That’s when the duo decided to do something about it, and the Maltese startup Get Hitched was born.

In a very short period of time, Get Hitched became a household name, attracting both local couples, as well as foreigners who get married in Malta and Gozo. This is perfectly the reason why the team took the decision to internationalize the platform – under the brand name Wedango- taking their vision to the next level.

Via three simple and intuitive steps, couples can fill in their request in a few minutes, and get in touch with a good number of suppliers that meet their needs. On the other end of the platform, vendors are able to generate more business by accessing high-quality leads and communicating with potential customers directly on the platform itself, at a very low cost. Safe to say that Wedango and Get Hitched are the ultimate wedding time and energy savers!

Furthermore, by vetting all suppliers that come on board, the team ensures that the suppliers on the two platforms all offer high-grade services and are professional in the way they handle business. This matchmaking formula is definitely proving to be a successful one! In fact, more than 2000 couples used Get Hitched in the first couple of months. With the launch of Wedango in the UK, on the 2nd of April 2019, the team is working hard to exceed all expectations of success abroad.

Wedango aims to be a game-changer in the fast-paced wedding industry. By valuing ease, reliability, convenience and innovation, Wedango and Get Hitched are in it for the long-haul, with the objective that couples worldwide can get married, hassle-free.