UK professionals rely on their mum to help them decide whether to accept a job offer

help from mum

The study, which asked 1,000 UK workers to discuss how their mum has influenced their career, found that more than half of Brits have relied on their mother to help  prepare them for working life. When asked what their mum has done to help them, respondents cited that their mum had helped them to:

Understand the importance of taking on work experience – 53.6 per cent

Decide which subjects to study – 38.6 per cent

Choose which career path to take – 35.3 per cent

Excel during their academic studies – 22.3 per cent

Prepare for interviews – 21.5 per cent

Complete application forms – 21.1 per cent

Deal with a situation where they’ve been mistreated at work – 20.4 per cent

Write their CV and cover letter – 17.3 per cent

Decide whether it’s time to make a career change – 13 per cent

Hand in their notice – 8.3 per cent

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, comments: “From making the right choices throughout your education, to securing an interview and landing the job, the world of work can be difficult to navigate. It’s clear from our data that many workers rely on their mother for help on making these all important decisions and it’s no wonder. For most of us our mum is a very influential part of our lives, and it is therefore unsurprising that so many professionals are turning to their mum for career advice and support in their working lives.”

Furthermore, the survey found that nearly a quarter of workers admitted that their mum had influenced their career path, with one in 10 opting to follow that of their mother. Professionals were asked what their mum had taught them about working life, with over a third citing that they were taught to have a good work ethic, followed by the importance of having a good job and that in order to climb the career ladder you have to work hard.

Respondents were also encouraged to share stories of how their mum has gone above and beyond to support them in their working life. Below CV-Library has picked some of the top responses:

  • Kathy from Birmingham: “I was struggling to balance my job with looking after my kids. My mum offered to pick them up from school every day and look after them until I finished work.”
  • Katie from Eastbourne: “I had recently graduated and was struggling to get into my chosen field, but my mum stuck by me and dried many a tear as I stumbled from one terrible job to another.”
  • Ben from Manchester: “My mum supported my decision to be an actor and she even drove me all over the country to attend auditions.”
  • Sam from Brookwood: “I’m 33 and my mum is still supporting me and helping me to take the next step in my career. She often sends me suggestions of jobs she thinks I might like and gives me pep talks before interviews.”
  • Scott from Reading: “My mum paid for me to take a college course so I could advance my career. I couldn’t have done it without her help.”
  • Linda from Surrey: “From the age of 15 my mum encouraged me to go out to work so I could save up to buy the things I wanted. She taught me the value of money and working hard for what you want.”
  • Jay from Croydon: “My mum encouraged me to pursue my dream career and take up HNC Computer Software Engineering at a time when I was stuck in a rut working in a factory.”
  • Simon from Cheshire: “My mum went all out to ensure that I obtained the best education possible and even established links that earned me an internship in a bank when I finished school.”
  • Lindsey from Glasgow: “I was working as an administrator, but my mum inspired me to continue following my dreams of working in fashion and start up my own blog.”
  • Charlotte from Poole: “My mum has always helped me manage my CV and write cover letters. She’s always offering me suggestions on what career path I should take, even when I choose not to listen.”