Small London start up forced to change slogan after Red Bull legal threat

Brain Füd

Brain Füd, a natural energy drink startup, has been forced to change its packaging and slogan, after receiving legal threats from giant Red Bull over a trademark infringement.

Brain Füd used the sentence “No Monsters. No Bull” on its packaging, website and social media posts.  However, Red Bull’s legal IP team demanded it stopped using the slogan because the energy drink giant had already trademarked “No Bull.”

As a result of a letter sent to Founder Philip Udeh, the small start up, with a team of three, was forced to action a costly complete rebrand. They will be rebranding as Füd. in November 2019 and launching their lightly sparkling drinks aluminium cans.

Philip created Brain Füd in 2018 after being frustrated at the existing energy drinks market.  Suffering from chronic fatigue as one of the side effects of Sickle Cell, Philip often found himself in need of a quick energy fix to help him get through the day, but wasn’t a fan of the sugar-filled artificial energy drinks that were available.

An idea was born- Brain Füd, a natural alternative to artificial energy drinks with no added sugar or sweeteners.  After 3 years of research into the category, Brain Füd became a reality, with a trial listing in Sainsbury’s. Brain Füd is also available on Ocado, and at Universities and Corporate Offices nationwide.

The team is gearing up to launch their Seedrs crowd-funding round in February 2020, which will follow on from their appearance on a popular BBC entrepreneurial show.

Newly packaged cans, with the new name Füd. will launch in November 2019.