Small business champion Good Business Pays appoints Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, The Black Farmer, as Non-Executive Director

Good Business Pays today announced the appointment of Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones MBE as Non-Executive Director.

Good Business Pays today announced the appointment of Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones MBE as Non-Executive Director.

Founded in 2021, Good Business Pays campaigns to encourage large businesses to adopt fast payment processes. It is now supported by financial behemoths that include Mastercard, Barclays, Natwest Group and Previse, as well as the Federation of Small Business, CBI, Institute of Directors, Make UK, and the British Chambers of Commerce.

In a career over 40 years Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, also known as The Black Farmer, has been on a relentless mission to change the world. Wilfred’s journey from impoverished immigrant to multimillionaire farming legend has been unconventional – after school, and a spell in the army, Wilfred’s entrepreneurial spirit helped him create a successful career at the BBC, where for 15 years he was producer/director on food programmes, giving the likes of Gordon Ramsay and James Martin their TV breaks. At 40, Wilfred achieved his dream and bought a 30-acre idyll on the Devon/Cornwall border and, having spotted a gap in the market to create exceptional sausages, created the iconic Black Farmer brand. His products are now sold in all major stores and are nationally known and loved.

Commenting on Wilfred’s appointment, Terry Corby CEO and Founder of Good Business Pays said: “Wilfred’s life story is an inspiration any entrepreneur or business person who has a dream of success. Having built his business from nothing, building an iconic brand and persuading the biggest retailers in the UK to stock The Black Farmer products, Wilfred has met every challenge that small business person should expect. He is a tireless campaigner for positive change and this is what Good Business Pays stands for. He is respected in the Food, Beverage and Retail sectors where we see some of the worst payment behaviours and I look forward the William being an Ambassador for our work not only in the Food sector but across the small business landscape.”

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones MBE said: “I am delighted to join the Board of Good Business Pays and help champion the cause of fair and fast payments for small businesses. As someone who has built a successful small business from scratch, I know first-hand the importance of timely payments and the devastating impact that late payments can have on small businesses. I look forward to working with Terry and the team to drive positive change and ensure that small businesses are paid promptly and fairly for their hard work.”

Wilfred’s appointment to the Good Business Pays Board comes on the back of the recent appointment of Philip King, the former UK Small Business Commissioner. Terry Corby added “Good Business Pays is a Community Interest Company looking to drive impact and positive change that will transform B2B payment culture in the UK. It’s heartening to see such well respected figures as Philip and William lending their names and expertise to our cause. We will continue to add accomplished change-makers to our movement to help us support small businesses survive and thrive.”