Sadiq Khan commissions Brexit impact reports for London

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan has commissioned studies to measure the impact of Brexit on London.

The mayor said that the studies will be published next month, and had a dig at Brexit secretary David Davis who has been accused of misleading parliament over his own department’s Brexit impact studies.

Khan said that the government’s approach to Brexit was “chaotic” and “putting jobs and growth at risk” in the capital.

The papers will analyse the impact on nine different sectors of the economy of London in the eventuality of different Brexit deals.

“It is outrageous that the Government either failed to properly consider the impact of Brexit on Britain’s economy, or are refusing to release their analysis,” said Khan. “If it’s the former then I question their competence. if it is the latter then I question whether they have something to hide.”

But he has already come under fire for his choice of independent analysts. Cambridge Econometrics counts Richard Murphy, whose ideas have been used by Jeremy Corbyn, as a director.

Ben Gardiner, another director of the consultant, said: “We firmly believe that modelling exercises such as ours serve a useful purpose by providing a structure to aid thinking and debate, providing some degree of clarity on what is otherwise a very complex issue.”