Peter Jones launches new international ecommerce venture

As many of the world’s leading brands evolve their strategies to create direct online relationships with their consumers, Brandpath will provide them with a world-class solution covering all aspects of the customer experience.

Brandpath has been created through the merger of Peter Jones’ telecoms investments. By bringing these companies together, Brandpath is instantly able to provide a complete end-to-end solution to its customers across the world.

In the context of ONS figures announcing that ecommerce spending grew by 12 per cent in January alone, brands are looking for more effective, cost efficient services and solutions to meet customer expectations for a smooth and world class on-line shopping experience that gets their product into the hands of the customer quickly.

The global reach of the organisation will enable brands to sell their products internationally, regardless of distance or currency, opening up the world and accelerating their growth into new markets.

Brandpath combines a pioneering spirit of innovation with a wealth of expertise and experience in ecommerce, software development and end-to-end supply chain solutions. Executive Chairman and President Peter Jones CBE has built Brandpath Group out of a portfolio of market-leading companies over the last 17 years.

Commenting on the launch of Brandpath, Peter Jones said: “I am hugely excited by the launch of this new venture that brings together some great businesses that I have seen grow over a number of years.

‘Brandpath enables brands to gain access to any audience in the world and will help our customers open up in new markets and grow exponentially.

“We know that products are worthless if the customer isn’t able to get their hands on them quickly, and we’ve developed a truly end-to-end commerce solution that handles every step of the customer journey from the shop floor to the customer’s door.”