Pay-as-you-go finance firm offers free advice on UK roadshow


e-FM advisors will offer small and medium-sized firms advice ranging from how to avoid falling foul of the bubble economy and prove they are financially credible, to tips on working capital management, securing funding, cutting costs, budgeting, risk management, due diligence and cashflow management.

The firm is one of a growing number offering outsourced services for businesses that do not want to employ staff, with the associated costs, but do want specialists on call when they are needed.

Outsourcing businesses now account for 8 per cent of the UK’s economy, with a turnover of £207bn, and 10% of the UK workforce, according to the most recent figures compiled by Oxford Economics for the Business Services Association.

Most of those contracts currently come from large corporations, but e-FM finance director Martyn Hodgson said the aim of the roadshow was to show smaller companies they could benefit too.

He said: “We are anxious to help firms better understand the commercial issues affecting their business and funding, including profit margins, resource implications, products, cashflow and financial reporting.

“Sometimes, a business owner doesn’t know which adviser to go to when help is needed in any of these areas. This time, the adviser is going to the business owner free of charge and that is real value in the current climate.

“The aim of the show is to share some practical experiences, ways to identify and measure key performance indicators, as well as practical strategic advice on cashflow management, budgeting, arising regulatory requirements, funding options and other business concerns to make a business more efficient, more effective and better equipped to withstand the challenges of the tough economic climate.”

Stephen Clough, also an e-FM finance director, said bringing in an outside team can be an effective way to discover previously overlooked problems – which could have led to disaster.