New community launched to champion UK’s home businesses

home business

The Home Business 100 is a community of 100 of the most outstanding home businesses from across the UK, which is inspired by Vonage, the cloud phone services provider.

It will provide a hub for home businesses to share advice, insight and best practice, and to voice the ambitions, hopes and fears shared by many businesses operating from home.

According to Enterprise Nation, home-based businesses contribute £300 billion to the UK economy. This new community will champion businesses from across the country and from a variety of sectors, from craft businesses to service providers, and from food and drink ventures to technology companies.

Businesses participating in the Home Business 100 will benefit from exclusive marketing and networking opportunities where they can share stories and advice with fellow community members. The website will also offer a unique platform for entrepreneurs to have their say on important issues, such as raising finance, product marketing and dealing with red tape.

Business owners are invited to submit entries via the online registration form:

Simon Burckhardt, Managing Director at Vonage UK, comments: “With a growing number of people choosing to start a business from home, the role of the home-based enterprises has never been more important to the UK economy. The Home Business 100 is designed to shine an essential spotlight on the importance of home-based businesses across the country.

“We at Vonage are dedicated to serving the UK’s home businesses, and believe it our mission to champion the ‘kitchen table entrepreneurs’ who are making an incredible contribution to our economy. Through this initiative, we are able to better understand the views of home-based businesses in the UK, providing them with a unique platform to tell their stories and celebrate their achievements.”

Rupert Connelly, founder of DIALaBRAIN and member of The Home Business 100, comments: “The Home Business 100 represents a rare opportunity to speak with fellow business owners who have overcome similar challenges, or who can inspire one another with their experiences and stories. A go-to source of insight is exactly what we need to exchange lessons learned and solve shared problems.

“Having a new platform dedicated to the needs of home businesses is hugely exciting, and will provide a fantastic opportunity to network and build awareness of our brands. I am delighted to be a part of it.”