Nearly three quarters of marketers feel under more pressure to measure external factors


Nearly three quarters of senior level marketers feel they are under additional pressure to measure external factors that affect their business since the UK voted to leave the EU, according to new research.

The research indicates that this extra pressure comes in the form of general uncertainty across the business, budget constraints and the prospect of planning campaigns in other markets.

Despite this high proportion of senior marketers feeling additional pressure to measure external insights – such as themes in the news agenda and consumer sentiment – half of those questioned reveal they take a manual or ‘ad-hoc’ approach to measurement, and that “things sometimes get missed”. Additionally, just under two fifths reveal there are so many media and sentiment measurement tools and solutions available, they find it hard to know which is best for them.

Furthermore, less than a third of senior marketers feel their current methods of measuring external insight is watertight, highlighting the large proportion of professionals who could be missing crucial factors which pose a threat, or present opportunities, to their business.

Gregg Hollister, Area Director  Meltwater, said: “At a time when the political climate is so uncertain, marketers clearly feel more under pressure than ever to keep a tight handle on any external factors which could impact their business. At any given time, developments in the news agenda or across social media, could present threats or opportunities to the marketing community, so it’s paramount they remain consistently immersed in their macro environment, and particularly their competitive landscape.”