Millionaire entrepreneur crashed dream £170,000 Ferrari into bushes after 5 days

Rob Moore, 36, co-founder of Progressive Property bought the 458 Spider model last week only to lose control on a corner, sending the car flying into the front garden of the Sun Newspaper’s office building in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

Although shaken, the terrified father-of-two managed to walk away from the wrecked car unscathed following the crash.

‘I was going around a corner near my office which I have driven around a thousand times, I’m used to driving supercars and I have a lot of them, but as I braked into the corner the car carried on in a straight line.

As the car, which he bought last Thursday, came to a standstill, a shaken Moore was able to climb out unhurt, but was deeply shaken by the crash. 

He still had his children’s car seat in the Ferrari, and began to panic about what might have been had son Bobby been inside at the time of the collision.

‘I was very relieved and grateful he wasn’t in the car,’ said Moore, who is also father to nine-month-old Ariana.

‘It was a weird 24 hours. My son is four and is a superstar golfer. He got a hole in one the day before. Tiger Woods was six when he got one so it’s a pretty amazing feeling when your son achieves something like that.

‘I was on a big high and this brought me straight down.’

Moore said the car was currently at a garage while experts investigated whether or not it can be fixed, and he said he is yet to decide what to do with the vehicle if it is still roadworthy.