Galliard Homes closes all London construction sites after plee from Mayor

Building Site

The decision has been made by the major developer with immediate effect and will help to ensure the health and safety of the company’s on-site staff.

The move will remove approximately 2,500 construction workers from the London transport network, a move welcomed by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who was very critical of the volume of workers on the London Underground network this morning.

Galliard is however highlighting that it remains “open for business” as its sales function is still operational, with the business continuing to market some 1,000 homes across the capital.

The company’s sales team will be using video and other technology to market homes remotely to buyers.

“Despite the confusing and conflicting messages from central government and the London mayor’s office… we are taking this action in support of our world class superheroes in the NHS as they take on the fight of their lives to keep us safe — this should be the priority for all of us today,” said Don ‘O Sullivan, chief executive at Galliard.

Stephen Conway, executive chairman at Galliard, added: “Our business was born in London and we are committed to the capital but, during these unprecedented times, the safety of our construction staff, families and our London communities is paramount.

“…We believe that by taking our staff out of daily commuting we will help to free up London’s transport network for the NHS and key workers who are protecting sick and vulnerable people across the capital.”