Fintech Start-Up Call Levels backed by 500 startups and financial markets veterans

The fintech startup also raised capital from a consortium of angel investors who are veterans in financial markets and tech industry, such as Timothy Teo (ex-GIC and JP Morgan), Gracelyn Ho (ex-Morgan Stanley) and Koh Boon Hwee. The combined investment from all the investors amount is about USD500K.

Call Levels recorded strong traction and usage especially in light of current volatile markets. Almost 10,000 Call Levels were created over the past 30 days with day-on-day growth of 21% and week-on-week growth of 35%. By focusing on its core feature – reliable, real-time price alerts, Call Levels have garnered the support of professional traders, as they rely on the app to constantly monitor the prices and gain an edge in the financial markets.

“I tested Call Levels against my Bloomberg Professional and found that it was much easier to create and faster to notify” says New York based Hedge Fund Manager, who is one of Call Levels’ early adopters.

Call Levels’ extremely simple and user friendly interface on mobile has helped penetrate the longer tail of investors, including the older generation. This was what spurred veterans like Timothy Teo, who spent 40 years in financial markets across JP Morgan and GIC to invest in a product he and his peers will use.

With the mobile app already available for free in iOS, Android and Apple Watch, co-founders, Daniel Chia and Cynthia Siantar want to aggressively expand out of Singapore. New funds will be used to acquire users and hire additional talents for the team. “We intend to grow our penetration in other key financial markets such as New York, London and Hong Kong in the next few months” says Daniel.

Indeed, “It’s simple and it works. This is why so many people use it. But the data they’re collecting is incredibly valuable when you think about it.” says Khailee Ng of 500 Startups who will be working closely with the co-founders to reach the milestones.