Easyjet bans nuts on all flights to protect passengers


Easyjet has banned the sale of nuts on flights to help protect passengers with allergies.

The airline will also ban passengers from eating nut products if somebody on board has an allergy to them.

Nut policy among airlines differs. British Airways and Ryanair, ask passengers to refrain from eating peanuts if a fellow passenger has an allergy.

At present there are no rules governing the serving of nuts during flights.

A proposed UK passenger charter, which could include rules for protecting allergy sufferers, is currently under consultation.

The plans are part of the government’s Aviation 2050 strategy.

German carrier Lufthansa is among firms with a rule against serving peanuts on its planes. However, like most airlines, it says it cannot guarantee a nut-free environment.

Outlining the new policy, Easyjet said: “We recommend that passengers inform us of their allergy at the time of booking which enables us to pass this information onto the cabin crew operating the flight.”

Passengers can also notify the airline during the online booking process.

An overarching policy for airlines is supported by 11 year-old Josie, who would like to see nuts banned by all operators.

Josie, from Wolviston in Stockton-on-Tees, worries about going on holiday due to her life-threatening nut allergy.

She carries an EpiPen with her on flights but says they only delay an anaphylactic reaction by a few minutes.

“You cannot do anything if you are 30,000 feet in the air,” she said.