Death goes digital: Welsh entrepreneur launches service to live stream funerals

Jose Nunes, 39, from Wales, helps film funeral services and broadcasts them via the internet for mourners who aren’t able to attend.

Nunes said: “A lot of people have moved from the area to find work, and when a loved one dies it can be hard for them to get there in time.

“So, we set up a camera in the church, and then we stream it on the website.

“People can then be given the website address so they can access it.

“It’s the closest thing you can get to actually being there. It makes a world of difference to people who can’t make it to the funeral.”

Streaming funerals is a new trend that was given worldwide publicity when the funeral of Australian cricketer Phil Hughes was streamed by local media.

Nunes, a father of five, began doing business with the owner of Glazebrooks Funeral Services in the U.S. Robert Glazebrooks.

Ex-carpenter Jose decided on a change of career after nearly slicing off his own thumb with a saw seven years ago.

He said: “I had an accident with a handsaw when I was trying to saw a three by two piece of wood. I severed a tendon. It was hanging off and you could see the bone. I thought that I’d lost my thumb.

“I had to have reconstructive surgery. I needed the operation to get the tendon to work again.

“I took that as a sign to do something different so I stayed at home to look after my youngest daughter Mia, who was a baby at the time. I think it happened for a reason.”

During that time, Jose began to teach himself about internet marketing. Then he created a YouTube channel that he used to pass on his knowledge to others.

He said: “I was making videos for two years before I started making any money, but over that time I built an audience.

Jose, originally from Portugal, is already an internet celebrity and official YouTube partner after getting millions of hits on his YouTube channel, sjnuness How to Video and Marketing.

Jose has now also been approached by YouTube to be an official partner in his operation so it may only be a matter of time when you can pay your respects to friends who have passed away in other countries but without the high carbon footprint.