Canadian industries to follow in 2020


In today’s ever-changing world, led by the development of modern technology, there are several industries that can be further developed in the coming months and years.

Canada, as a country that closely follows technology development, works very hard on developing new ideas.

There are several industries in particular in Canada that you might need to look out for.

Online Gambling

Canada represents one of the most diverse countries in the world. Casinos are very popular in the country, and the demand for them is very high.

As some of the researches have shown, Canada is one of those countries that are shifting from the traditional ways of gambling to more modern, online casinos.

There are several very popular casinos in Canada, only in Ontario, there are 25 of them.

Because of such high competition, most of them are working very hard to ensure the best experience for their users.

Since the field is so competitive in the country, it is not hard at all to find the best Canadian online casinos for real money. It is a well-known fact that if you are a big fan of gambling, Canada is one of the best places to live. There are countless high-quality casinos in the country, most of them offering one of the most developed games not only in Canada but also around the world.

Since the industry has so many options for gamblers all over the country, this might be one of the main industries that you might want to watch in 2020.

As modern technology develops, there are plenty of different opportunities for the representatives of this industry to come up with new ideas and ways to keep the industry popular and one of the most successful in the country.

Cannabis Production

As one of the fastest-growing industries, Cannabis Production is one of those you might like to follow in 2020. For five years since 2013, as Health Canada opened up medicinal cannabis production to many more players, the industry has been growing continuously.

However, the primary driver for such development of the field in Canada was the legalization of recreational cannabis in 2018. Consumers, previously dependent on an illegal product, now had the opportunity to buy cannabis legally, without violating any laws.

The 2018-2019 revenue growth of the industry was as much as 15.8 percent.

After such success, in late March of 2019, the industry was hit by some regulations, which resulted in some of the top companies’ collective loss of $25 million.

However, the cannabis industry in Canada has something that it lacks in many other countries, like the U.S. for example, and it is country-wide legalization.

During its first years, the industry was only able to sell cannabis itself, and products like oil and flowers. Now, the industry is about to get a little boost by creating new products. Now, Canada’s licensed producers will be able to sell products such as edibles, beverages, vapes, and topicals, like lotions and balms.

This kind of development of the field might help the industry to survive after such a fall. Also, since most of the biggest organizations working on cannabis in the world are based in Canada, which gives this field a chance to develop further in the country.

2020 can be both devastating, or game-changing for the industry.

Gold and silver ore mining in Canada

Mining represents one of Canada’s main industries. The country is widely known for the production of potash, cobalt, platinum, uranium and many other minerals.

Even though the country is not in the Top 10 Silver mining countries, its output is still very important and significant.

Operators in the Gold and Silver Ore Mining industry in Canada are mostly engaged in mining, what they are doing is that they are preparing gold or silver ore. The prices of the goods are informed by global supply and demand conditions.

Because of the increasing production of gold, the industry managed to grow over the years, even though the prices have been falling slightly.

However, the revenue growth in 2019-2020 was 7.8 percent.

Corn Farming in Canada

The Corn Farming industry represents one of the oldest ones for Canada. It has managed to survive many financial hardships and remains one of the most successful fields in today’s Canada.

Since corn is used in a variety of products for fuel, consumption, and production, it can be one of the leaders of 2020.

As fossil fuels are becoming more accessible in the world, the use of corn has raised. Also, corn has gained some attractiveness and demand from animal product producers.

It is very hard to say what the future can bring for the industry, but it is very interesting to see how can it develop and adapt to today’s changing world.