Business gives resounding backing to David Cameron

The poll, which has been running for nearly six weeks when Gordon Brown called the General Election, has also been mailed to over 60,000 UK based owners of Small & medium sized businesses and we are now able to announce the full run-down of the polling:

Conservative                        59.4%

Liberal Democrats              23.8%

Labour                                    8.9%
UKIP                                        3.0%
None of the Above               2.0%
SNP                                          1.0%
Plaid Cymru                           1.0%
Green Party                            1.0%

Business Matters managing editor Richard Alvin commented: “whilst i am sure that the General Election will be a lot closer than the outcome of this poll, it does show that owners and managers of Small & Medium sized business in the UK demand change”  

The poll was completed online by 2569 subscribers to Business Matters magazine and visitors to it’s website