Broadband speeds failing UK businesses

65  per cent of UK office workers are frustrated by poor business broadband speeds, according to new data from Solar Communications that reveals that each worker is losing on average 47 minutes per week — or 34 hours every year — of working time due to broadband downtime.

The research also reveals the issues caused by slow broadband, with 55 per cent of respondents saying it has prevented them from doing their jobs — a figure that rises to 74 per cent for workers in London. Around half  confirm they often experience slow broadband at work.

The majority of office workers agree it is important that they can access the internet and applications whenever they want, but 57 per cent confirmed that slow broadband means this is often not possible.

It’s not just office workers who are losing out due to slow broadband, as one in ten agreed their company had lost business as result, revealing the wider business implications of inadequate broadband provisions.

John Whitty, CEO of Solar Communications, said: “The UK still has a long way to go when it comes to providing superfast broadband that is fit for purpose for business and slow broadband having a negative impact. The data reveals that the average lost working time per employee per week is 43 minutes, so for an organisation employing 50 people that means 3,400 hours of lost productivity every year.

“The government has launched a number of schemes to help SMEs in particular move to faster broadband, but it’s vital these are extended to ensure as many businesses as possible can benefit.”