Blank Canvas relaunches London’s Adam Street venue as event space

With an abundance of indie and modern spaces scattered around London, Blank Canvas are turning these spaces into perfect venues for launches, fashion shows, press launches and full production events.

Nine Adam Street was the venue which allowed Blank Canvas to showcase their talents last week, by hosting an underground hip hop launch party.

The event was brought to life by DJ RD, a hip hop DJ and producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in hip-hop. With drinks flowing all night and canapés served throughout the night by catering company rhubarb, the Nine Adam Street party had people flocking to the launch  party throughout the night.

Since the summer of 2013, Blank Canvas have been working closely with a number of different venues, most recently Nine Adam Street.

With an overwhelming passion for technology and events, Blank Canvas embrace every aspect of digital innovation in order to create something that is unique, but also simple and easy to get on board with.

With an impressive list of clients ranging from Vodafone, Sky, Puma and the BBC, Blank Canvas show no signs of slowing down in their mission to build a platform that meets the needs of venues and the wider events market.

Nine Adam Street joins the list of venues run by Blank Canvas, featuring alongside prestigious venues such as Ministry of Sound and Hoxton Docks.

Pui San Looi, Assistant Business Centre Manager of Adam House, has nothing but praise for Blank Canvas, and is excited for what Nine Adam Street can be used for in the future.

“The event was fantastic. It was much better than I expected and the event space is going to be used for more events like this one hopefully and possibly some private parties, product launches and conferences.”

Blank Canvas insist that their service is still only in the early stages, and fully expect the popularity of their company to snowball until they are recognised as one of the most popular venue hiring companies around.