Young lingerie entrepreneur set to spice up Conservative party conference

Sometimes, party conferences can fail to rouse much excitement, but at this week’s Conservative Party gathering can expect something a little different as 12 finalists in the Start Up Hub business competition for budding entrepreneurs.

One in particular might even make a few hardened MPs blush as the aptly named Ms Hobcraft’s company, Betty Blue’s Loungerie, has been selected to show off some of her creations at the Birmingham event, the 24-year-old claimed she could have a fan in the prime minister’s wife.

‘I’m not sure how David Cameron would react but I think Samantha would look wonderful in one of the black robes,’ said Hobcraft.

Speaking of her selection in the competition’s final, she added: ‘I heard about the competition through Facebook and I thought it could be good for my business.

‘When I entered I didn’t really think I would get in to the final – lingerie still shocks people and I thought politicians usually try and stay away from controversial things like this.

‘I might try and encourage some of the female MPs to try the items on but I don’t know whether they’ll be brave enough.

‘I’m sure it will turn a few heads at the conference but hopefully those who are attending will see it as a bit of fun and it’ll bring a smile to their faces.’