Ways to track Western Union transfers online

Many people who send their money via Western Union are surprised when they find out that they can track their money on the Web.

Are you interested how to do it, too? Then, you are welcome to keep on reading. Below, you will find useful guidelines and tips.

Track the money sent by Western Union with MTCN

To track the funds you have sent via Western Union, you will need to go to their official website and find the “Track Transfer” line on the menu. This done, you will be asked to inform the system about your MTCN, and once you enter it, you will be able to click the “Track Transfer” option. This is how you can receive the entire information about our funds and this is how the Western union tracking works.

Track the money sent by Western Union without MTCN

In case you want to track your funds, but you have no MTCN, everything you need to do is select “Don’t know the MTCN” from the “Track Transfer” menu. This choice will switch you over to another menu, in which you will need to choose one of the two options:

  • Phone number tracking

To perform this tracking, you will need to provide the system with the phone number of the sender, the country of the receiver, and the amount of money transferred.

  • Name tracking

To perform this search, you will need to provide the system with the sender’s first and last name, the receiver’s first and last name, the receiver’s country, and the exact amount of the funds that have been transferred.

Make sure that you have entered the correct information. In case you make mistakes, you will not be able to track the transfer. If you want the search to be quicker and more effective, give attention to the Date of transfer fields at the bottom of the “Track Transfer” page. It happens that the option is hidden and you can’t see it. In such a case, click “+” that’s beside the line “Add transfer date.”

It’s also possible to track diverse bill payments sent via Western Union. In order to perform this tracking, you need to choose the “Bill Payment” tab within the same “Track Transfer” page. To find this payment, you will need to provide the system with the amount of the funds, the sender’s country, and the sender’s phone number. Don’t forget to tell the system the transfer data!

If you are an iOS or Android user, you can easily perform the same tracking with the help of the Western Union application, which is available for both these systems.

The conclusion

Now you know that tracking your funds sent via Western Union is not only possible but also very easy. You just need to follow several simple steps described above. What’s more, you can always turn to the Western Union immediately if you are experiencing problems with your transfers.