Top 10 best paying jobs for Brits abroad

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Ever thought of working in a different country? Most of us have had the thought of adding international work experience to our already well decorated LinkedIn profiles, but often convince ourselves out of it with questions such as ‘What negative implications will it have on my career?’ or ‘How much will I have to spend to pack and leave?’

With an increasing number of organisations basing their operations abroad, more especially after the Bretix referendum, employment opportunities abroad are becoming more and more prevalent. This implies that career minded people have better and luxurious opportunities to realise their globe-trotting dream while adding the valuable experience that you’ve been thinking of to your career.

To help kick-start this journey, we’ve taken some time to compile information of UK LinkedIn subscribers who work globally to unravel the most prestigious and well-paying job among UK expats. Here’s what we discovered:

Medical Scientist

Expected Salary: £80,000 on average; most of the jobs are in the United States, South Korea, Singapore, and China. All these countries with supportive academic and research institutions hence the high opportunities

Medical scientists work in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies studying diseases and looking for possible solutions or medicine for these diseases. Medical Science is quickly growing owing to the fact that diseases can quickly spread globally due to an increase in population and increased international travel.

Athletic Trainer

Expected Salary: An average of £40,000 per annum; most of the jobs are in China and the United States.

Don’t mistaken athletic trainers with personal trainers because they work under the strict supervision of a doctor and have studied sports medicine specialising in ways to prevent and treat skeletal/muscular injuries. They are the people you’ll always see on the sidelines attending to injured footballers.

With the increasing demand for specialized treatment in the sports industry, athletic trainers are becoming an essential part of the industry. Disney and Boeing are using them, different arms of the government (the Military, and department of defence) as well as performing arts all need them.

Senior iOS Developer

Expected Salary: An average of £65,000 per annum; with most opportunities in Singapore, Ukraine and India

As an iOS developer, your main responsibility is to develop, recode or redesign applications that are compatible with Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. The increase in usage of mobile applications has pushed the demand for newer and better versions of already existing apps to increase. To qualify for this job, you need to be proficient in Swift or Objective C programming language.

General Practitioner

Expected Salary: An average of £68,000 with most opportunities in New Zealand, Australia and India

General practitioners earn an average annual salary of about £68,000 per annum, but locum general practitioners who temporarily substitute the general practitioners whenever they are absent from work, earn a considerably large salary of £136, 912 per annum.

Corporate Lawyer

Expected Salary: An average of £77,000 with most opportunities in Australia, China, the United States

What a corporate lawyer does is to specialize in company law, advising the company on their legal right and obligations as well as ensuring the legality of all commercial transactions conducted by the companies.

Network Systems & Data Communication Analyst

Expected Salary: An average of £90,000 in some of the top industries; and more than £100,000 in tech corridors. The United States, China, Singapore, and Japan top the list with the most available positions

‘Online casino companies are some of the wealthy employers hiring in this area. Casumo, based in Malta are one of the upcoming brands frequently hiring – you can check out job opportunities for them here.

Java Architect

Expected Salary: An average advertising salary of £80,000 per annum. Ukraine, India, Kenya, China and the United States have plenty of opportunities to offer

As a java architect, your responsibility is to define, integrate and upgrade comprehensive architecture so that it supports applications developed for the Java platform

Quant Developers

Expected Salary: An average advertising salary of £90,000 per annum. China and the United States offer lucrative opportunities

This was one of the best top paying jobs for 2017, and it’s expected to grow exponentially in 2018. Quant developers work closely with network systems and data communication analysts to design, develop and deliver customer software solutions for organisations.

Teaching English

Expected Salary: An average salary of £100,000 per annum. China, Singapore, Japan and other Asian countries have better opportunities

Believe it or not, one of the best jobs to work on abroad if to teach English as a foreign language. Most expats teaching English as a language abroad get a better taste for living abroad more deeply when compared to the other job opportunities because of the immersive nature of this profession. The pay is also good as other clients pay as much as £100 per hour.

Financial Planning And Analysis Manager

Expected Salary: An average salary of £90,000 – £95,000 per annum. The US has better working opportunities for financial planning and analysis managers

As a financial planner and analysis manager, your work is to perform financial and business analysis to help the organization to measure its success and predict its needs.

Whatever that interests you, or whichever field you work in, there are plenty of high-paying positions for you in English speaking countries such as New Zealand, Australia, China, Singapore, Japan, India among many others. Annual compensation can increase significantly when tips, bonus money, and commissions come into play. All you have to do is get out there, work hard at whatever you are doing without despairing, and big money jobs will come calling.