The Most Powerful Forms of Seed for Nutrition

For some time now, people have been viewing the best ways to give our and our kids’ bodies a nice bit of extra nutrition and to improve the (terrible) general diet of the average person today. Trying to replace cheeseburgers with something a bit more nutritious and healthy, though, is a massive challenge.

The most powerful forms of nutrition that you can get from seeds, though, are quite surprising. Here are just some of the most powerful forms of seed for nutritional purposes, just to give you a rough idea of what to expect if you do decide to vary it up a little in the future.

Cannabis Seeds

Known to many as hemp seeds, these cannabis seeds are generally purchased online for planting and other purposes. However, not many people know that these seeds are excellent sources of healthy proteins, provide our bodies with Essential Fatty Acids and also have a lot of Omega-6 and Omega-3 in there. With a wide variety of uses, they also provide our bodies with the kind of nutrition that we need, from Vitamins E and A to providing us with very effective forms of edestin protein.

This gives our bodies a huge nutritional jump – and don’t worry, this won’t be leaving you feeling high!

Flax Seeds

Another powerful form of seed you have likely heard about but not tried too much, flax seeds are true winners in the nutrition stakes. They give our bodies huge amounts of fatty acids, fibers and also magnesium – a vital source of energy. It also helps to improve digestion and some sources even think it might be able to help combat cholesterol.

Sesame Seeds

That’s right – sesame seeds are wonderfully nutritious. Packed with zinc to help our immune system run at maximum as well as plenty of protein, fiber, copper and manganese our bodies will be doing a little jig when they take in some sesame seeds.

Just make sure that you are someone who is not allergic to this. Some people do struggle with allergies when it comes to handling sesame seeds which is obviously something worth keeping an eye out for.

Chia Seeds

Another style of seed that many people are enjoying using at the moment are Chia seeds – they are full of protein and fiber like most seeds, but they also good for making products like pancakes from for a healthier alternative to something enjoyable.

They are also loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and phosphorus – all of which are useful allies for making sure we eat and live the best quality of life that we can.