Novo Executive Search and Selection celebrates its 20th anniversary of business progress 

The majority of UK employers are planning to hire staff over the next 12 months, the highest recruitment intentions in eight years, as Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic have caused acute shortages of workers in sectors ranging from haulage to hospitality and social care.

Recruiting first-rate talent takes compelling methodologies and strategies that can only be achieved through experience

Of course, competitive advantage is the key to success here, but only a few have it ―such as Novo, a leading executive search and selection firm. Reaching 20 years in business, the company’s vast experience with changing technologies and increased competition contributed to what Novo is today: a professional investment solution for qualitative diversity.

The team at Novo have collaborated with over 1800 clients, conducted remarkable assignments in 35 countries, and developed their leadership groups with qualified executives. Still, there’s more behind the success, including challenges, rewards and future opportunities.

Tracking prosperity with Novo

Known as the leading executive search and selection firm on the market, Novo employs strategies, expertise and networking in recruitment and human resource consultancy. Its outstanding success rate is linked to consistent investment in tech, continuous training and 100% director retention.

Describing the company’s path is no challenge for the leadership team. Josephine Watkins, Director at Novo, remarks that: “The business has been able to thrive through the good and, most importantly, the more difficult periods of the last 20 years. It has been adaptable to the changing landscape of the executive recruitment sector, and therefore, it continues to be a success.” This was possible as the company’s capabilities include pursuing fast-growing sectors. More challenging times led to innovative products, such as the Novo Quest service, a hybrid program aiming at mid-level seniority search assignments.

Still, she’s admitting that, “Technology and digital applications have changed the way in which we do a multitude of things within the business, not least communicating with clients and candidates. Teams and virtual meetings, email has taken over from telephone calls, in the main this has sped up communications and the process to recruit in general.”

Looking back at previous challenges

With over 20 years of experience, Novo gained the knowledge and expertise to aid various industries across the UK and globally. After consistent collaborations with over 8,000 CEOs and MDs, Novo reached a 70% client retention rate.

Jon Hollier, the Founding Director at Novo, says, “Despite external challenges, we always find a way to build to the next stage,” which is why 90% of the company’s executive search assignments are successfully reaching the offer stage within six weeks. Remarkable outcomes have been achieved with the help of Novo consultants with more than 15 years of experience in the executive search sector.

Susannah Mallaghan, Divisional Manager at Novo, provides valuable insight on how Novo developed through the years: “I think Novo has changed and adapted well over the years, making the most of new technologies and changing markets. I have always found they have a flexible approach to their staff and have supported me through motherhood, returning to work, and part-time working.”

The benefits of collaborating with Novo

A company where 75% of assignments are managed with existing clients is a thriving company. Novo enables rigorous research processes and extends their capabilities, so they’re the practice of choice for over 20% of the UK’s Legal Top 200 Law Firms.

Matthew Searle, Director at Novo Executive Search, emphasises the strength points of the organisation: “The growth of the company, its financial performance and stability/security. Also, the list of fantastic leading national and international companies that have trusted us time and time again to help them appoint the best people to their boards.”

Dale Perrett, Founding Director, also adds that, “People are committed to delivering quality results for clients, they are professional, hardworking, demanding of themselves and others.” Indeed, Novo reached its heights and market stability thanks to dedicated teams who provided proactive executive search services and revolutionised identifying and contacting the best people for their clients.

With such rich expertise and internal talent, it’s no wonder that Novo professionals were able to forecast upcoming trends, from the advent of LinkedIn to the emergence of AI. These factors have truly shaped the executive search domain but are also based on diversity and inclusion.

How does the future look like at Novo

Trends in executive search are easy to spot: AI and data analytics, remote hiring and the hunt for soft skills shaped this year’s efforts at Novo to provide what’s best for their clients. Novo Director, George Woodward, believes there will be more technology enhancements in the executive search sector, with an AI-orientated trend.

So does Jonathan Shepherd, Research Director: “I have started utilising the power of AI to be more effective in delivering search assignments, and I expect this to become a more and more powerful tool.” Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role in data analytics development because it allows advanced algorithms to identify patterns to predict organisational innovation.

Besides technological developments, professionals at Novo also believe these trends will influence the hiring sector. Josephine Watkins says she’s most excited about, “A more diverse cross-section of individuals operating at a senior level within a whole range of sectors and types of businesses,” which can be achieved by employing diverse candidates with a diverse range of experiences.

Moreover, D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) is set to improve, offering companies a massive competitive advantage. Innovation is a mix of factors, from a person’s industry background, country of origin, planned career path and even gender. At Novo, diversity is at its peak, influencing the company’s position in the market and strengthening its forces for difficult periods. As Josephine Watkins believes, “An increased awareness in Diversity and Inclusion at the board level” transforms corporate hiring practices because people with individual differences nurture the future of business.

The collective efforts at Novo and professional expertise took the company’s executive search and selection methodology to another level. Its intern company culture is vital to success in a market driven by emerging technologies and valuable talent. Now, after 20 years of experience, Novo thrives within a competitive industry, and we’re excited to watch their development of new ways to provide clients with outstanding talent acquisition.